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What happens if a person does not sleep? + Scary photos

What happens if a person does not sleep? + Scary photos
In the late 1940s, a group of Russian scientists decided to conduct a bizarre and unusual experiment on human insomnia, which is terrifying.
If you do not sleep for a month, you will rot!
The experiment on insomnia by scientists caused a great deal of controversy and angered people because it was one of the most unusual and terrifying experiments.
This was a strange scientific experiment on the effects of insomnia on humans. They asked four prisoners to take part in the experiment in exchange for their release and not to sleep for thirty days. The scientists used a gas called “Nikolaev gas” to keep the five prisoners awake.

Prisoners were placed in a remote room and pumped oxygen and gas into the room. The room was full of books and living items with a bathroom for five months controlled by a glass window, plus five microphones.
The first five days everything went normally. But after five days, strange behaviors began. The prisoners said incomprehensible and vague things. On the ninth day, one of them screamed in a mad manner, screaming loudly, and ran around the room for three full hours until his vocal cords were torn. The prisoners did not react and continued to say their unspoken words until another of them started shouting. At this point, the others began tearing the books, soaking the pages of the book in their urine, and sticking them on the glass window. Suddenly the sound stopped and the whispers subsided.

Scientists were worried about the silence. They knew there was enough oxygen in the room to survive. “Now we enter the room and inspect you, walk away from the front door and lie on the floor,” they said into a microphone in the room. Otherwise we will shoot you. “Everyone who obeys the orders will be released.”

In the middle of the night, the soldiers entered the room and were confronted with scary scenes. The room was full of blood and the prisoners’ viscera were lying on the floor. Unfortunately, they fed on each other’s bodies instead of food. Their lungs and stomachs were visible due to injuries and …


All those prisoners died. The results of this dangerous experiment aroused the anger of the people against the general who was responsible for this strange experiment. “He could have been kinder to the prisoners”; That was what everyone was saying. Eventually, the general was shot dead by one of his officers.


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