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The story of a chicken that survived without a head for 18 months!

Seventy years ago, agriculture in Colorado beheaded a chicken, but the chicken did not want to die! The chicken later became known as “Mike” and survived until 18 months later. But the question is, how did Mike survive 18 months without a head?

On September 10, 1945, Lloyd Olsen and his wife, Clara, were beheading chickens on their farm in Ferroita, Colorado. In fact, Olsen beheaded them and his wife cleaned them. Olsen beheaded about 40 to 50 chickens that day. In the meantime, there was only one chicken that did not behave like the others!

What was the story about?
“They ransacked all the chickens, and there was only one chicken that was still alive,” said Troy Waters, the couple, who now farms on the same farm. “That headless chicken was going back and forth and did not stop at all.”

They picked up a wooden box of apples and put them on the chicken to live overnight. Lloyd Olsen woke up the next morning happy and went to the apple box to get the chicken done. But when he pushed the box aside, he blew his horn in surprise. “That damn chicken was still alive,” says Troy.

The story of a chicken that survived without a head for 18 months!

“This story has always been one of our family’s strangest events,” says Troy’s wife, Christa Waters. Troy Waters, however, heard the story from his ailing grandfather. Troy’s grandfather’s room was next to his room, and the old man, who was struggling with old age, talked to Troy for hours at night because of insomnia.

“He took the chickens to town to sell at the meat market,” says Troy Waters. He even took his rooster with him, and at that time horses and chariots were still used for transportation. “He also threw the headless chicken into the chariot and bet with people on whether they had ever seen a headless chicken alive.”

The story of the magical bird was told in circles in Freud. The local newspaper sent a reporter to talk to Olsen, and two weeks later, a man named Hope Wade walked about 450 miles from Utah to see the chicken. Hope’s idea was that it was enough to take that chicken to the circuses and pocket all the money.

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