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The Room Where It Happened

The Room Where It Happened book is written by John Bolton about Afghanistan, you can download this book form the following link

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Probably like 90% of the people who are reading “The Room Where it Happened”, the only reason I am reading (or rather listening to the audible version) is because of the attention it gained from the Administration’s attempt to block its publication. Based on my read of more than a fifth, what I can say is that it is extremely dry with a running narrative of what seems like happened every day and at times every minute of his time in the administration. There is little attempt to present information and views in a compelling organized fashion with the presentation of a theme in a focused manner. For example during the visit of Macron to the White House, he notes that he turned to ask someone what music the band was playing and his colleague told him that he did not know. Then he indicates that he and his spouse and Kelly and his spouse left the dinner early. Who cares and of what importance are these pieces of information? It is clear that Bolton was keeping a daily journal with copious notes that he simply all dumped into a book with a few changes here and there (including those required by a national security review). Nevertheless Bolton does not mince words in expressing his disdain for the likes of Nickki Haley and Jim Mattis while professing respect for others such as Pompeo and McGahn. The book nevertheless is interesting to see how Trump makes decisions and should also be a trove of information for future historians of the Trump administration.


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