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Mohammad Noor Naeemi

General Information

Having master’s degree in Civil Engineering with Specialization in transportation Engineering from India; and Bachler from Nangarhar University at 2006. The Participation in international conferences such as NCTACE and IRF/WRM were good discussions in transportation field. Technical research and case studies (Road Accident and Safety, Intersection Capacity and causes of Congestion and Evaluation of Road surface deffects with road condition survey based on ASTM-D-6433) for Afghanistan conditions supported my overall technical part. Book published in road pavement, Geometric and other parts and printing of second one in near future are big achievements in this regard. Technical training and workshops were supported the technical side as well. in addition, the job of adviser to the minister and directorate of MoPW design board was to establish the system for planning and design correction. Meanwhile, it was good opportunities to work over 16 years in technical survey, road geometric design, road pavement design, assessment and evaluation and managing of technical team for achievement of poject objectives and goals  for various projects (Building, Roads, Pipe Schemes, and Irrigation) around the country was good experience in transportation engineering field. Finally, Master in Civil Engineering with Specialization in Transportation Engineering and over 16 years’ experience Oriented to Business Intelligence insights for Consultancies and Markets, including Researchs, Book publishing, Technical Survey, Dessigns, calculations, Assessments, Study and reporting in Transport sector were good achievement.


2014 – 2016
Lovely Professional University Punjab, India. Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Specialization in Transportation Engineering)

Two Years full time presence in civil engineering field with specialization in Transportation engineering with cridable research projects such as Evaluation of Road surface deffects with road condition survey based on ASTM-D-6433 and Causes of Congestion at rotery Intersection for Afghanistan Conditions.
Meanwhile, Partcipent in international conferances at the same time were beneficial.

06,2001 to 06,2006
Nangarhar University Bachelor in Civil Engineering

The Course was consist of civil Engineering subject including technical survey and transportation section.

Work Experience

2021 July 15 to 2021 Aug 15
Ministry of Public Work (MoPW) Director of Design Board

Preparation of technical mechanisms for qualitative road design packages at MoPW.

Preparation of Board directorate documents for technical and managerial process within system.

Review and  Approval of technical documents and  design,  including drawings, technical specifications and bills of quantities for road project. 

Managing of board members and reporting to top management for better solution of technical issues.

Report on the review of the technical design and documentation for all road project.

Handling of technical  meeting with technical  staff / Directorates  for correction of design documents.

Participation    in    technical    meeting    with related governmental organizations, donors and sub-contractors.

2020 Nov 21 to 2021 July 15
Ministry of Public Work (MoPW) Senior Advisor to the Minister

Preperation technical forms for Directorate of Road Safety.

specifying of technical manual for establishing of transportation safety documents

preperation of some general drawing of road safety design packages.

preperation of general note needed for implementation of road safety features construction at site.

handlling of online trainings for road safety audit for future suage.  

Review and evaluation ofrntechnical documents and design, including drawings,rntechnical specifications and billsrnof quantities for civil construction.

Report on the review of the technical design and documentation for design roadrnproject.

Handling of technical meeting with technical staff for correction of design documents.

Participation    in    technical  meeting    with    related  governmental organizations and donors.

Handling of technical meeting with MoPW clients and sub-contractors.

2018 Dec 21 to 2020 Nov 21
Asia Geo Engineering & Ally Engineering Solution JV (AGE&AES JV) Design Operation Manager

Meeting, Contracting and Communications with client Managing, Planning and controlling of project technical teams

Provided support to company’s board of directors in designing, planning and implementation of project.

Developed strategic plans to advance the company's mission & objectives for increasing revenue, profitability,and organization growth.

Given technical instructions to staff in relation to quality assurance of project activates.

Preparation of quarterly and yearly report to Board ofrndirector.

Conducting of technical trainings for road design engineers in road safety and geometric design.

30,Nov, 2017 to 2018 Nov 21
Gurbat Abdullah Construction Company (GACC) Senior Road Design Engineer

Designs and prepares preliminary and final plans for highways and drainage structures.

Preparation of preliminary and final for urban utilities along the roadrnfor construction purpose.

Design and drawing of Roadway lighting, traffic control devices (trafficrnsign plan and pavement marking plan) Evaluate construction project materials for compliance with environmental standards.

Investigate traffic problems and recommend methods to improve traffic flow orrnsafety.

Prepare administrative, technical, or statistical reports on traffic-operation matters, such as accidents, safety measures, or pedestrian volume or practices.

Review development plans to determine potential traffic impact.

Evaluate transportation systems, traffic control devices, or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion

Participate in contract bidding, negotiation, or administration.

Direct the surveying, staking, or laying-out of construction projects.
Evaluate traffic control devices or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion
Present data, maps, or other information at construction-related public hearings or meetings.

01, Nov, 2017 to 2020 Non 21
Mostaqbal Institute of Higher Education Director of Engineering Faculty and Lecturer

Planning, Controlling and Monitoring of lecturer’s syllabus. 

Technical evaluation of the lecturer’s for assigning.

Guide to the lecturers for proper and qualitative teaching.

Lecturer for Student in Road Geometric Design.

Lecturer for Student in Road Pavement Design.

Overall faculty management and reporting.

Reporting to the top management.

Lecturer for road pavement engineering subject. 

Lecturer for road geometric design subject.

13, August, 2016 to 30, Nov, 2017
Afghanistan Transportation Engineering Center (ATEC) Senior Road Design Engineer

Geometric design of road project as per client specified TOR. 

Checking and preperation of survey data for geometric design.

Technical meeting with client and addressing the comments in design.

Providing design and drafting services for roads and bridge design for the conceptual and detail design phases of a project.

Landscaping design of Rahman mina, Padole and Khoshal Khan Roads. 

Generation of plan and profile along with X-Sections of the road. 

Preparation of road drainage planrnas per site requirement.

Generation of cut and fill volumes of the contracted roads.

Preparation of safety plans including traffic signage and marking plans for mentioned road projects.

Evaluation of existing traffic control devices for mentioned road projects.

Preparationof existing utilities and relocation plans for construction purpose.

Feb,4,2014 to 10-Aug-2016
Asia Geo Engineering & Ally Engineering Solution JV (AGE&AES JV) Senior Road Design Engineer/ Design Manager

Geometric design of road project as per client (IRD, USACE, USAID, UN agencies etc…)requirements.

Assessment of project site and preparation of technical reports.

Assessment of technical survey and correction the survey package.

Review  and  geometric  designrn of  road  project  as  per national and international standards.

Preparation road safety plans (traffic signage, pavement marking and road furniture) for all transportation projects.

Technical meeting with client and addressing the comments in design.

Consulting junior design engineer in geometric and pavement design.

Preparation  of  traffic safety plans  (Signage and marking)  forrn all  road projects.

Handling of technical meeting with client.

01-May-2009 to 31-March-2012
Gurbat Abdullah Construction Company Road Design Engineer

Assessment and design of road project as per national (MOPW) and international (AASHTO) standards.

Preparing design drawings using AutoCAD Civil 3D/ Eagle point or similar type software.

Interpreting survey results into technical drawing

Responsible for completion of discipline engineering project elements such as reports designs specifications and plans

Preparation  of  traffic safety plans  (Signage and marking)  for all road projects.

Traffic data analysis and preparation of technical reports for design.

Handling of technical meeting for road projects with client.

Executing of design team agreeing with project timeline and specified scope of works.

Technical meeting with client and addressing the comments in design. 

Reporting to company president.

05, Feb,2008 to 25, Nov,2009
Sayed Sherazi Construction Company Quality Control Engineer

Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes in the project.

Review quality ofrnall materials at site and ensure compliance to all project specifications and quality and collaborate with department for all material procurement and maintain qualityrnof materials.

Manage lifting ofrnall equipment’s and handle efficient storage of all hazardous materials and perform quality audits as per required schedule.

Monitor an efficient system and record all project activities to analyze all work processes according to quality requirements.

Manage all work methods and maintain knowledge onrnall quality assurance standards and monitor continuous application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective actions for the project.

2007 to 2008
Ministry of Education Provincial Engineer, Wardak Province

Monitoring of all school projects (school building and boundary wall) in Wardak province.

Quality Control of project works as per MOE policy.

Preparation of construction materials and workrnquality policy for project. 

Preparation of construction schedule for project completion.

Civil design for all schools as per clients’ suggestions.

Preparation of monthly and quarter reports for Ministry of Education

Handling of technical meeting with different client.

Assessment of works done by PRT,UNECIEF etc.

2006 to 2007
International Rescue Committee (IRC) Field/ Monitoring Engineer

Monitoring of the NSP projects.

Preparation of BoQ for mentioned projects. 

Preparation of cost estimation for mentioned projects.

Implementation of MRRD /NSP projects as per MRR manual.

Preparation of design drawings for NSP projects.

Preparation of technical and price proposal for NSP projects. 

Quality Control and monitoring of NSP projects.

Summary of Skills

Auto CAD Civil 3D, Eagle Point
AUTO TURN for Parking Lot/Intersection Design
Roadroid road smartphone (ride quality) for International Roughness Index (IRI) Survey
ODK Software for Road Condition Survey
GIS Mapping and Surface preparation
Total Stations, Level Machine & GPS
Primavera P6 Scheduling of project activities
Google Earth Track for surface and location mapping
Microsoft Office Package


International Journal of Creative Research Toughts (IJCRT) (2021 )

The paper was consider for afghanistan conditions under the title of Road Accident and Their Safety. The study was in descriptive term and explain the root causes of the road safety causes and there prevention.

Safe Road and Smart Mobility by Internation Road Federation, World Road Meeting (IRF/WRM) (2017 )

The Aim Was, How con we have safe road and smart mobility along with economic growth.Safe Road and Smart Mobility by Internation Road Federation, World Road Meeting (IRF/WRM)

Certificate of Presentation (2016 )

International Conference on technical Advancement in Civil Engineering. I have presented A case study unde the title of Investigation of Capacity and Causes of Congestion at Rotery Intersection A Case Study of Kolola Poshte Square, Kabul Afghanistan.

Embassador Appreciation Certificate (2015 )

Embassador Appreciation Certificate was given to students whos got hich score of the university or greater then 8. I Have achieved that torget and able to reach to that certificate.

Project Management Certificate (2015 )

It was a training fom Afghanistan workforrce Devlopement Program (AWDP) awarded after a trainig in project management from USAID/FG Consultant.  

06- ARC GIS 10.2.1 Professional Training Certificate (2014 )

It was a training fom Smart International Training an Consultant awarded after a 10 days trainig.

Garmin Camere and Tablet ODK Software (2014 )

This training was from UNOPS side for collection of road physical condition and surface deffects.

Primawera P7 (2013 )

It was a training fom Afghanistan workforrce Devlopement Program (AWDP) by Smart International and Training and Consultant funded by USAID.

Site engineer (2006 )

Site Engineer Training funded by USAID/IRD for new graduated students to handle primery construction activities in consruction field.


Importent Projects:Herat By Pass 50 KM for UNOPS
Surkhlez Chenart 27 KM for UNOPS
4 Parking Lots Aqena, Kandahar, Farah and Nemrooz for UNOPS
Design of Kart-e Now (Arteial type Road) 1.5 KM
Design of Qala-e Fatullah Streets 8.4 KM for JAICA
Baraki to Saray-e Shamali Road Technical Survey for ATEC/EPERSO
Survey and complete Design of Rahman Mina 9.5 Km ATEC/EPERSO
Survey and complete Design of Padole 5.4 KM ATEC/EPERSO
Survey and complete Design of Road # 22 (60 KM) ATEC/EPERSO
Survey and complete Design of Road # 15 (30 KM) ATEC/EPERSO
Complete Survey and Design of Loger Pole-e- Alam City roads for PRT
Design of Kart-e 3 Streets 13 KMt for USAID

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