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Nangarhar Afghanistan
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Mohammad Wasim Rahimi

General Information

  • Address Nangarhar Afghanistan
  • Job Locations  Kondoz
  • Job Category  Civil Engineering
  • Language Pashto
  • Highest Degree Level Civil Engineering
  • Total Years of Experience 9 Years
  • Expected Job Level Shelter Associate


2010 to 2014
Khurasan University Civil Engineering

Dear Sir/Madam,It would give me an immense and pleasure to introduce myself with following my application for the position of  Civil Engineer under management of your honorable program. My name is Mohammad Wasim  having (B.Sc) degree in Civil Engineering Faculty of Nangarhar University, Afghanistan.  I have Nin years experience  at the field

Work Experience

22/12/2015 to 30/09/16
MRRD/MCCG /Nangarhar Distrect Engineer

Main Responsibility
Site visit of proposed project with survey engineer for taking required data for designing of retaining wall, culvert, and canal projects for local community. Prepare BOQ for all project and cost estimation of the project.Selection of quarry for construction materials in nearby place.Support designer based on survey data, topographic map, cross and long profiles, underground materials, velocity and water table.Providing sample for Bearing capacity test for foundation design of construction of school structures.Reviewing working drawing and bar bundle schedule for project implementation with ground reality. Estimation, costing, and rate analyze for planned projectsProvide working schedule and quality control plan for planned projects.Reviewing technical specification for school construction, Canal and Canal structures, culvert, retaining wall/protection wall and side drain in provincial levels.Discuss with relevant community for introducing skill and unskilled labors and local suppliers for supplying construction materials. Checking of design documents with site condition. Monitoring of project implementation and bring positive change based on site condition. Providing weekly, monthly and final report for Infrastructure ManagerSupervising the project implementation to ensure that the project is going on according approved designed documents.Monitoring the project based on approved work plan.Discussion with designers to bring positive change based on site condition.Check the project based on approved quality Control Plan.Making site visit report for senior authority.Check the materials before use for the projects and test all the required materials and recorded.Check the overall quality of project and compare it with all the approved documents, such as technical drawing, specification, BoQ, Sow and Contract.Evaluate the project after completion and recommend positive change for next projects

2/1/2016 to 31/12/17
Safi Construction Company (SCC) Safi Construction Company (SCC) Shelter Officer

Responsibility:• Re-assessment of shelter needs in natural disaster affected areas and identification of most vulnerable among the affected households by using of paper or digital assessment tools.• Beneficiary selection processes as per site selection criteria;• Facilitation of bilateral agreements (i.e. MoUs) with target beneficiaries regarding construction of shelters.• Planning, and regular monitoring of shelter construction activities;• Supporting the emergency program manager in provision of trainings to targeted beneficiaries regarding SCC, mitigation measures (resilient features) and Build Back Better (BBB) approaches according to the shelter guidelines;• Providing technical assistance and guidance to target beneficiaries according to the shelter guidelines and design, to limit the risk of avoidable mistakes in shelter construction;• With support from the Emergency program manager ensuring that adopted shelter design has been implemented and SCC measures are considered during shelters construction;• Liaise and collaborate with relevant local communities, authorities and other key stakeholders at district and provincial level;• Assisting/facilitating the target beneficiaries in procurement of construction materials for the construction of shelters (if needed);• Produce reports on implementation progress and coordinating/facilitating with finance team for the disbursements to beneficiaries;• Support post distribution monitoring or undertake the exercise should M&E not in place and under the supervision of the Emergency program manager • When requested, to join and support the SCC flying emergency team outside the normal area of operation in rapid needs assessments (in case of natural disaster or massive displacement);• Any other tasks as assigned by supervisor.Discuss with relevant community for introducing skill and unskilled labors and local suppliers for supplying construction materials. Checking of design documents with site condition. Monitoring of project implementation and bring positive change based on site condition. Providing weekly, monthly and final report for Infrastructure ManagerSupervising the project implementation to ensure that the project is going on according approved designed documents.

1/3/2018 to 15/08/2021
Panj-Amu/ADB/ MAIL/PARBSP/Kuduz Irrigation Supervision Engineer

Main Responsibility 
Monitor and data collection for the Irrigation canal projects.Social data collection village vise district vise for project design and project costing. Environmental data collection for all sub projects and project.Agricultural data collection, total command area for crops, type of crops and data Analysis.Prepared all GIS Maps and Google Art kmz files for all sub project village and district vise for project analysis.  Reporting: Used Kobo Toolbox in progress and deviations of construction for all sub. projects.Monitoring of the Irrigation Associations and their duties and responsibilities as per their TOR.Review and check of all irrigation drawing BOQ and designs as per Panj-AMU  project requirement.Review all social data checklist environmental data ( ESMP) and check at site. Monitoring of all Panj-Amu Project construction works, its construction as per designs.Monitoring of all Panj- Amu  construction project materials quality, its tests, and works as per specifications.Preparation of all Weekly and Monthly report and submit it to the line manager.Provide deferent type of deviation of construction work to line manager. Provide training to IA and the Mirab for their effective enrollment in the project.Evaluate the contractor’s work performance based on specified materials, designs, specifications. Perform all other duties as assigned by program senior managementMust be willing and able to travel to all parts of AfghanistanAny other duties and tasks related to the positionIn collaboration with the Field Coordinator and Programme Analyst, ensure that environmental mitigation measures are implemented as part of the infrastructure.
• Draw-up an inventory of existing irrigation and water resources infrastructure, and for each structure undertake a condition survey, determine the hydraulic characteristic and check the structural integrity.
• Detailed design of rehabilitation and up-grading of the canal system, associated structures (new and existing), flood protection works and other engineering infrastructure.
• Undertaking surface water investigations and engineering design, for irrigation structures as dame, intake siphon, different type of canals, protection walls, flume, and irrigation reservoir.
• Assessment and modeling of hydrology, pipe systems and channel flow
• Managing projects technical issues and liaising with regulators and client contacts
• Assisting with environmental assessments and resource management projects
• Supervision of contracts and construction works
• Carryout regular supervision at field level to ensure full compliance of technical, social, and environmental aspects during implementation.
• Liaise with other regional offices and relevant Community Development Councils (CDCs) in technical and social matters.
• Prepare/compile periodic progress reports in consultation with field coordinator as per the standard format and deliver to Supervisor for further review.
• Promote exchanging ideas, lessons learned between the four provinces with respect to technical, social and considerations.
• Promote smooth work relationship at regional level, counterpart staff and other relevant bodies and report to direct supervisor periodically.
• Writing technical reports
• Ensure designs/deliverables are compliant with scope of work and contract requirements.
• Provide construction supervision and quality control.
• Provide technical irrigation inputs to procurement unit for preparation of the tender documents for procuring services and works related to irrigation.
• Prepare Human resources plan for technical survey, design

1/2/2022 to 31/9/2023
Tariq Omer Construction Company (TOPCC)HWO Project Wash Officer

, follow up of village survey and site selection of well,stand post,bath,latrine and hand wshing facility.checking the quality of sand and gravel in the project site and production site of the concrete elements.follow up emergency bath and latrine installation according to the design.follow up of the curing of concrete work and concrete elements.filing the log book of vehicles,generators and drilling rigs.disribution of the concrete elements and construction materials to the site.filing the daily work record forms.insure the drinking water distributed to the target families according to the signed contract.Daily assigning of the vehicles.equipment and skill labors for the project activities.mobilization of the local community to contribute in the project.Training of the hand pump mechanic/valve man and collecting his/her wages during the installation of the hand pump / stand post.Ensure the supply of sand ,gravel and stone in the well/stand post site which is the community responsibility.Daily follow up on going water points /stand post and latrine costruction in the site.filling of villager agreement and hand pump agreement forms for each water points.any other tasks assigned by the supervisor implementing WASH activities at the field level, and coordinating with the WASH officer, and PRRD team.In charge of implementing water, and sanitation infrastructures in Jozjan, Mazar sharif province.In charge of the supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of the different water and sanitation activities in the targeted districtsPlanning construction of Waterpoint in the targeted districts of Jozjan province.Follow up on the construction process in the targeted area to ensure standard and qualitative systems are established.In conjunction with the Logistics team, ensure logistics systems are understood (procurement, transport, storage, communications) estate/building management, asset management, etc.Ensure that procurement of goods and their delivery to the project areas is done timelyProceed with any task assigned by the WASH Officer & WASH Manager.To record, manage, and preserve monitoring and evaluation data in a safe and accessible way.Provide technical support on M&E and evidence-based recommendations to the relevant Project Officer and Partners.Ensure that the implementation of field activities adheres to the all site monitoring and evaluation systemEstablishing a sound coordination

1/9/2023 to 15/01/2024
Nasrat Mustafa Construction Company (NMCC)UNOPS Project QC-Engineer

Contribute in the preparation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plans for new construction and rehabilitation works.Contribute in the establishment of quality procedures including time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and other QA/QC requirements.Contribute in the management of quality assessment of materials through regular and rigid laboratory tests.Conduct all quality inspections and prepare required site instructions and reports. Supervise the quality control functions/activities of the project or its parts, including quality control inspection schedules and the collection of quality records.Conduct quality control reviews and prepare related reports for design and construction of works, as required, and facilitate the compilation of inputs for monitoring and evaluation.Provide technical input to and assist the procurement team on all contractual matters.Manage contractors' submissions and maintain close coordination with the Lead Quality Engineer in the Core Programme Team (CPT) and the relevant cluster Project Manager about quality issues.Conduct site meetings with contractors, staff, workers and customers, as required, providing necessary instruction regarding work quality management before commencement of each activity.Ensure specific quality standards are constantly met at all levels of construction projects.In consultation with the project staff, review technical specifications and recommend standard construction specifications for all items of work.Review all standard test forms to be used during laboratory tests, QA testing schedules and procedures, and evaluate results as appropriate.Review contractor practices and methodologies and make recommendations where remedial action is required.Work with project engineers and design engineers/consultants for establishing procedures with time limits for the inspection, sampling and testing of works and all other QA/QC requirements.Conduct initial survey queries on sources of materials, ensuring quality and quantity is of economic value to the project.Cooperate with Lead Quality Engineer in the CPT to analyse non-conformities and decide the way forward.Perform daily checks to assure control activities of all ongoing construction activities are in line with contracts documents and QA plans, including testing (FDT, Concrete test, Geotechnical, Site Survey etc.) and confirm their compliance.Conduct quality audits on site and prepare required reports and documentationsManage a site sample catalogue for all key submissions and material samplesConduct all completion inspections – punch-out, pre-final and final acceptance.Check to assure all materials and /equipment have been tested and approved.Review all submittals to ensure compliance with plans and specificationsInspect all materials delivered at the time of receipt are compliant with submittals and specifications.Ensure compliance with QA/QC requirements in civil works carried out by the contractors. Discuss and solve emerging problems with co-workers, sub-contractors, suppliers and customersConduct health and safety audits and support the Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Analysts in maintaining site safety and preparing required reports.Prepare reports prescribed within the project documents and/or as required by the Project Manager.Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Summary of Skills

Microsoft Office a Outlook

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