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General Information

  • Address Street 1, East Region, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
  • Job Locations  KonarLaghmanNangarhar
  • Job Category  Civil EngineeringConstructionEngineering
  • Language Native Pashto, Fluent Dari, Fluent English
  • Highest Degree Level Bachelor
  • Total Years of Experience 14 Years
  • Expected Job Level Medium Level

I have worked as

1- Civil Engineer.

2- Project Engieer.

3- Senior Engineering officer.

4- Design Engineer.

5- site Engineer in WASH Projcets.


Work Experience

28/11/2010 upto 31/05/2011
IRC, International Rescue Committee Engineering Senior Officer

·        Manage and monitorrnactivities of the site projects on daily basis

·        Provide advisory and feedbackrnto the technical manager regarding the status of  the projects

·        Keep record, filling andrnproject documents·        

Design and implement thernprojects ( estimation, bill of quantity, work plan and drawings of thernprojects)·        

Report back to Regionalrnoffice Manager ( ROM)

Work close with communityrnShura, in order to high light key sites for project implementation and identifyrnthe locations where culverts and bridges needed to be built and rehabilitated.·

Do hiring of skilled andrnunskilled laborers in the project site, prepare their time sheets and report tornthe finance section for processing via office manager.·

Deliver cash to the projectrnsite and pay to the laborers (wages).

10/08/2010 upto 01/11/2010
KACC ( Khalid Allahar Construction Company) Project Engineer

Monitor site projects and conduct field visits to report challenges and work 

 progress of the projects  

  Designrnand draw (culverts, canals aqueduct, siphon, Building, intake,         

    protection wall, MHP and many morernlike these,).
Hire laborers (skilled and unskilled)

  • Prepare time sheets, keep record ofrn filling and report back to office manager on the status of the project.

25/01/2009 upto 31/06/2011
MADERA Design Engineer

·Monitor sometimes projects’rnwork progress and report to main office.· 

Conduct field visits,rnsupervise activities sometimes.Design different rn types  projects in kunarrn Field office (Community centers, Clinic,   MHP ,roads, Culverts, Canals, waterrn intakes, washes Tube well, Pipe Scheme, suspension bridge aqueduct ,Wellsrn ,siphon ,and  protection  walls in kunar Province).

  • Estimation of projects cost and preparing of Bill ofrn Quantity.
  • Sometimes go to the site for laying out of thosern projects that was very important and was needed for more technicalrn accuracy like (Suspension bridges, in (MHP)
  • Turbine and Penstock installation.   
  • Disusing with technical advisor about some technicalrn problematic areas to find solution for implementing of projects.
  • Sometimes trains the site engineers about the projectrn primary survey ,basically survey and project implementation which is beingrn implemented by them in the districts.

10/10/2011 upto 05/05/2011
UNDP/NABDP Site Engineer

Design and Implemnting of (MHP)rnprojets.    

 . Cheekrnthe MHP mechanical part materials (penstock, turbine, Iron mesh, spill wayrngates transmission

Pole…. Electrical part materialsrn(Generator, tranmision line, fuse, voltage control….. 

Motivate the people, how muchrnthis project is important in their life on daily basis how they can get benefitrnfrom and how they can repair this project whensoever's become in active.

08/08/2012 upto 30/04/2023
DACAAR Field Engineer in (WASH) project.

  • Feasibilitiesrn survey for assessment.
  • Socialrn and Technical survey for WASH project (Tube well, Solar powered pipern scheme, BSF (Bio sand filter) ….)
  • Tubern well site selection, PVC Pipe lowering, Apron Construction and Pump Installation.
  • Productionrn well strata checking, well logging, well development, compressor test andrn Pump Test.
  • Checkingrn solar panel, PE Pipes and parts of Pipe Schema according to drawings.
  • Constructionrn of elevated and ground RCC and Stone Masonry Reservoirs and housern connection and public stand posts.
  • Managingrn field staff (Skill and unskilled Labors, Drivers and other staff accordingrn to project needs.
  • Monthlyrn project progress reports, Monthly stack report and Monthly expense reportsrn to the Project Line Manager.
  • Projectrn Completion reports to the main Office.

Summary of Skills

Engineering Project Managment
Projcet Designing
MEAL and Suprevising


2 Steps, Promotion (2014 )

For my hard working and high qualitication result.


BSF (Bio Sand Filter), Tubweel Project, Soler powared Pipe Schame. Designing of Engineering Projcets. ERM Projects, MHP Design and Implementation,

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