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Field Monitor/Anthropomeyric Measures for AHS 2024(Couple)



General Information

  • Address Kabul/Labi Jar
  • Job Locations  Afghanistan
  • Job Category  Health Care
  • Language Dare/Pashto/English
  • Highest Degree Level MD/Nursing
  • Total Years of Experience 6years
  • Expected Job Level ✓ Nutrition Project Team Ledear ✓ Head of Clinic ✓ AHF/MHNT Project Officer ✓ Hostel Manager ✓ MITCN Master Tranier ✓ CBNP Master Tranier ✓ WIFs/MNP Master Tranier and WIFs/MNP Project Officer ✓ RHCS, EPHS, BPHS, M&E ✓ Strong Communication ✓ Taring Skills ✓ IT Skills ✓ Technical Skills


Shirkhan Secondary Higher Education (Baccalaureate) 1974-1987

Secondary Higher Education (Baccalaureate) rn1974-1987 

2007 - 2009
Ghazanfar Institiute of health Sciences Diploma

 Nursing (Diploma) 2007 - 2009 

2015 - 2021
Ranward Medical University Medical Doctor (MD)

‏دکترای پزشکی (MD) ‏2015 - 2021 

Work Experience

09-SEP-2010 Till 31-DEC-2013
Merlin CAF Nutrition Project Team Ledear

Key Accountabilities rn➢ Training, facilitation and coordination skills rn➢ Proposal/concept papers development for fund raising rn➢ Research, monitoring and evaluation skills rn➢ Needs assessment and report writing skills rn➢ Experience in developing successful, community-based Health, Nutrition and HIV&AIDS programs rn➢ Ability to build partnerships/networks with other stake holders rn➢ Excellent verbal and written communication skills rn➢ A strong aptitude for organizational change, participatory and servant leadership, innovation, rnlearning, team building rn➢ Keen sense of justice and gender equity. rn➢ Working knowledge of child sponsorship as a programming and support mechanism. rn➢ Full ability to communicate cross-culturally and be cross-culturally sensitive 

08-JULY-2014 Till 22-JULY-2015
Save the Children Head of Clinic in SAVE THE CHILDREN at Kunduz Province

Key Accountabilities rn➢ Excellent interpersonal communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. rn➢ Possession of analytical decision-making skills necessary to quickly assess and rn➢ Resolve complex logistical, technical, and patient care problems and issues. rn➢ Ability to train, motivates, and supervises subordinate staff. rn➢ Ability to address and manage conflict in a direct and professional manner. rn➢ Ability to build collaborative relationships with providers. rn➢ High emotional intelligence as evidenced by ability to evaluate/perceive a situation rn➢ From multiple lenses and understand various perspectives in coming to problem resolution. rn➢ PHYSICAL REQ 

01-JAN-2015 Till 22-DEC-2021
Hostel Kuhandaz Hostel Manager Kuhandazh Hostel, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

➢ Coordinate/integrate Provincial programs of CME in Kunduz province. rn➢ The youth hostel manager has to market the business and advise members rn➢ Set up and maintain a budget rn➢ Supervise the reception and take bookings rn➢ Charge of planning menus and arranging catering for the people staying there rn➢ Arrange for laundry services and linen supplies rn➢ Plans the staff rosters and their duties rn➢ Purchase supplies, make sure the supplies are well-stocked and arrange repairs if required rn➢ Responsible for training, recruiting and supervising staff rn➢ Inspect hostel areas and see that health and safety regulations and cleanliness standards are met rn➢ Supervise and develop hostel educational activities, recreation facilities, and other programs 

17-APRIL-2022 Till 25-SEP-2022

Supervisor of Mobile Health Team, rn➢ Collecting data of family planning, ANC, PNC, Mental Health, Growth monitoring SAM and MAM and rntotal OPD, rn➢ Entry data of family planning ANC, PNC, Mental Health, Growth monitoring, SAM and MAM and total rnOPD, rn➢ Prepare of drugs to Mobile Health teams, rn➢ Meeting with MHT stuff rn➢ Prepare RUTF, RUCF and super serial for the MHT, rn➢ Establish and maintain strong coordination /communication system with the relevant stuff of AHF rnProject, rn➢ Closely and effectively coordinates the project related issue with concerned agency (OCHA), rn➢ To ensure availability of health and nutrition services, rn➢ To collect and consolidates the project technical report and guide the project manager on reporting rnrequirements. rn➢ To establish and maintain proper filling and recording system of the project at central level 

30-sep-2022 Till 31-March-2023
JACK MIYCN Master Trainer in JACK at Kunduz Province

The MIYCN master trainer will conduct MIYCN training for the BPHS and EPHS health workers (MD, Midwives, rnnurses, and nutrition counselors) being prime responsible and ensuring effective and efficient management rnof training, provision of support to health workers, supportive supervision of MIYCN activities, reporting 

14-March-2023 Till 15-Oct-2023
JACK CBNP Master Trainer and WIFs/MNP Project Officer

The CBNP master trainer will conduct CBNP TOT to the Community Health Supervisors (CHSS), and CBNP rnrefresher to the Community Health Workers (CHWs), and Community Health Volunteers (CHV), being prime rnresponsible and ensuring effective and efficient management of training, provision of support to the rnCHSs/CHWs 

15-Oct-2023 Till 15-March-2024
JACK WIFs/MNP Master Trainer

Provide Community Health Promoters with information about nutrition and micronutrient powder by rnidentifying the health and nutrition problems that affect children in the communities and come up with rndoable actions to address them rnSupport the Community Health Promoters with knowledge, practical methods and skills required to manage rnday to day community challenges rnEmpower CHPs with creative and innovative approaches for delivering health and nutrition (MNP) messages rnto parents and communities rnFacilitate development of positive attitudes and understanding of community health and nutrition problems rnand develop solutions together to achieve the above objectives, Community Health Promoters will learn how rnto perform the following actions: rnConduct a community assessment on health and nutrition rnCarry out a health talk on nutrition and micronutrient powder rnConduct a home visit using the MNP checklist rnFollow-up, monitor and report infant and young child feeding practices of children in the community rnWork with other community health workers and community leaders to increase access for micronutrient rnpowder. rnObjectives: To ensure administration of IFA tablet once per week and Albendazole twice a year for dernworming. To inform adolescent boys and girls of the correct dietary practices for increasing iron intake. rnUnlike in the past, the skills for trainers exceed traditional teaching competencies like public speaking and rnpresenting. Nowadays, trainers must equip themselves with vital skills ranging from problem-solving to active rnlistening skills, management, communication, and design-thinking skills; amongst others rnThe WIFs master trainer will conduct WIFs training for the BPHS and EPHS health workers (CHS and CHW) rnbeing prime responsible and ensuring effective and efficient management of training, provision of support to rnhealth workers, supportive supervision of WIFs activities, reporting,

Summary of Skills

Nutrition Project Team Ledear ✓ Head of Clinic ✓ AHF/MHNT Project Officer ✓ Hostel Manager ✓ MITCN Master Tranier ✓ CBNP Master Tranier ✓ WIFs/MNP Master Tranier and WIFs/MNP Project Officer ✓ RHCS, EPHS, BPHS, M&E ✓ Strong Communication ✓ Taring Skills ✓ IT Skills ✓ Technical Skills


WIFS/MNP Master Trainer

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