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Toofan Zeerak-CV-Update


Qalai Ghebi, Kabul Afghanistan
Toofan Zeerak

General Information

Work Experience

15th Nov 2016 Up to 28th Feb 2022
Agency for Assistance & Development of Afghanistan (AADA) IT / Inventory Officer

Major Responsibilities:
Provide support to all AADA staff related to IT.
Troubleshooting of printer, scanner, copier, & pcs.
Installation of operating systems & antivirus whenever required.
Updating of Windows & antivirus in organization’s End user PCs.
Orient the staff for using of PCs, Windows, Printers, scanners, etc.
Installation of CCTV cameras, and Controlling of CCTV on a daily, weekly base.
Wiring and activation of intercom telephones.
Conducting office IT assets inventory on a quarterly base or whenever required.
Distribution of Quotation for IT-related equipment.
Collecting Quotations for further process & documentation.
Preparing support documents for the final process of quotation.
Purchasing of IT-related equipment.
 Submitting assets to the department or person requested by.

ICT / CTS Officer
World Vision International (WVI) ICT / CTS Officer

ICT Major Responsibilities:
Maintain LAN (Local Area Network) and e-mail connectivity for access to Lotus Note.
Ensure that hardware and software are maintained in optimum operating condition to allow
maximum utilization by all WVI/Afghanistan staff.
Support, administer and operate the key WVI/Afghanistan business applications, including the
hardware and software infrastructure needed for continuous operation. These include: Lotus
Notes, Windows, Untangle, Server, etc.
Troubleshoot the client’s computer & LAN system.
Configuration of wireless access points & router.
Provide internet access to field staff & guest house.
Installing & updating of antivirus in End user PCs.
Report to line manager on weekly & monthly basis or whenever required.
CTS Major responsibilities:
Conducting of inventory on monthly basis or whenever required.
Supervising of the warehouse assistant.
Review all Commodity Reports of warehouse.
Collect, compile & analyze all the receipts & dispatch summary reports, TIR, LR, PI, WHIR reports.
Ensure that GRN is filled & send to main office on time after receiving the goods in warehouse.
Responsible for data integrity.
 Prepare accurate and reliable statistical analysis of data required by the management team.

1st August 2012 Up to 31st January 2014"
World Vision International (WVI) CTS / ICT Officer

CTS Major responsibilities:
Conducting of inventory on monthly or whenever required.
Review all Commodity Reports of USDA-V project from all the project sites, including
warehouses and distribution centers.
Ensure that the Field Commodity Reports for USDA-V project are accurate and reliable for
completion of the monthly global Commodity Status Reports; including the main CSR, LSR.
Collect, compile and analyze all the receipts and dispatch summary reports, TIR, LR, PI, WHIR
reports of USDA-V project Etc.
Report to line manager on monthly basis.
IS Major Responsibilities:
Support all World Vision Afghanistan staff & visitors requesting assistance.
Monitor & maintain IS assets & documentation with assets & IS resources database.
Installation, configuration & upgrade the computers & software according to World Vision
policies & standards.
Installation, configuration & troubleshoot Lotus Notes & train the users for using of Lotus Note.
Assist in development of users & IS documentation & training materials.
 Provide to new staff IS orientation Etc.

15th May 2011 Up to 31st July 2012"
World Vision International (WVI) Data Manager

Major responsibilities:
Entering of field data received by supervisors in the database by the data entry team.
Review & analyze the data entered by the data entry team for final reporting to the commodity team.
Updating of data by the data entry team on the Entry & Expiry date of beneficiary cards.
Review & update of Master Beneficiary List (MBL) on a monthly basis to include & exclude
project Beneficiaries based on their entry & exit dates.
Summarize Master Beneficiary List & provide timely submission of MBL to the commodity
department at the end of each month.
Maintain database for CHP & CHPS data analyzing & reporting.
Compiling & analyzing data collected by supervisors from health activities.
Cross-check the data with hard copies received by supervisors.
In close coordination with the M&E team ensure monitoring systems, & project indicators
Ensure all health data collection & recording is being carried out correctly.
Participate in program studies & assessments such as any survey & project final evaluation.
 Report to health specialist at the end of the month or whenever required.

Aug 2009 to May 2011"
Afghan Help & Training Program (AHTP) Data Manager

Major responsibilities:
Maintaining Database.
Develop databases and compile from all field activities.
Coordination with Ensure all data collection and recording is being carried out correctly.
 Assist in preparation of weekly and monthly reports of project activities.

Jun 2008 to July 2009"
Afghan Help & Training Program (AHTP) IT Officer

Major responsibilities:
Installation of Windows, antivirus & other software in End-user PCs.
Controlling all staff computers & updating antivirus on time.
Configuring & sharing a printer with all staff computers.
Solving the problems of employees related to IT.
Updating of antivirus and Windows.
 Troubleshooting of printer, copier, scanner, etc.

Jan 2007 up to May 2008
Afghan Help & Training Program (AHTP) HR Assistant

Major responsibilities:
Keeping records of employ's personnel file.
Updating the main & sub offices, staff personnel files.
 Announcement of vacancies for positioning of the vacant post.
Keeping records of short-listed candidates.
Contact with short-listed candidates for interview.
 Participate in interview & collect report for next step.

Jan 2006 Dec 2006
Afghan Help & Training Program (AHTP) Logistic Officer

Major responsibilities:
Purchasing of stationary, office maintenance, & office furniture related to all departments / offices.
Preparing of assets inventory at the end of each month.
Filling of vehicle travel form.
Controlling of office vehicles & logbooks.
Preparing of vehicle contract with vehicle owner on monthly bases.
 Report to line manager on monthly basis.

Summary of Skills

Microsoft office packages, Windows operating system, Windows server, Microsoft Picture It, CorelDraw, Micro media Flash, Untangle, W-Filter, Printing, Scanning, CCTV Installation, Intercom Installation


IT / Inventory, CTS/ICT, Data Manager, HR Assistant, Logistic Officer

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