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Najibullah Bahir CV for Education Officer at UNICEF Kabul.


Najibullah Bahir

General Information

  • Address 3rd Street- Shaheed Ghultan- Lashkar Gah- Helmand- Afghanista.
  • Job Locations  AfghanistanKabul
  • Job Category  Education
  • Language Pashto, Dari, English
  • Highest Degree Level Bachelor's Degree
  • Total Years of Experience 7 Years
  • Expected Job Level (Level 1 is an entry professional level and should therefore be normally used as a trainee level for the purpose of acquiring organizational knowledge of rules,- Reference 00912349

Overall objectives of the Data Administrator (DA):

Data Administrator will provide support on data management and record of financial documents to the education activities supported by UNICEF.  The DA is expected to maintain a proper record of data on teachers, staff, training, and supplies in the respective PED.

As the Data Administrator for the UNICEF supported program will greatly support the program, he/she will focus on the management of data, information, and knowledge at the PED level to facilitate maintaining, organization, and dissemination of data, and provide timely and relevant digital and print data. This includes every aspect of the information data including collection, storing, maintaining records and information assets, declassification review, public release, and archiving. He will closely work with the PED, CBE team, and education team in SR.

Overall Purpose: To provide support on data management to the PED for the CBE program implementation in Helmand province. The DA is required to provide technical support to the CBE team for effective quality and timely implementation of the thernUNICEF-supported Community-Based Education program in the capital and districts of Helmand province. The DA should also work closely preparation of financial documents including FACE, salary reporting, payrolls, and TLM distribution record.


Agriculture University of Peshawar B.Sc in Agriculture

I have done my B.Sc degree under the Afghan Scholarship program in the Agriculture University of Peshawar-KPK- Pakistan.

12th March 2014 – 12th June 2014
Professional English Language Course (PELC). English Courses Certificate

  • Fluent in Pashto, Dari and English.
  • Excellent written and communication Team-workingrn Skills,  
  • Excellent English in reading, writing, speakingrn and understanding.
  • Goodrnin Urdu at speaking and understanding.

23/06/2013 – 23/11/2013
Sanayee Institute of Computer & Management Sciences (SICMS). Computer Course Certificate

OperatingrnSystems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7), MS Office Package, AdobernPhotoshop and Flexible with using all Computer applications.

Work Experience

23 Sep 2020 – 23 June 2023.
Roots of peace (Agricultural Marketing Program) Helmand, Afghanistan. Horticulture Extension Officer


Provide rn the overall Organizational Planning process and design of an efficientrnPlanning system on district level.

Assist thernregional/provincial coordinator for implementation of planned horticulturalrnactivities in the district.


Selection of farmersrnfor orchard establishment, green house, quality improvement and processingrnactivities in light of developed technical and social criteria in closerncoordination with village and districts elders. 


Attend the regularrndistrict meetings with district governor and MAIL-district Agriculturernextension manager.  


Training of farmersrnon orchard layout, planting, irrigation, nutrition management, pruning, fruitrnthinning, dormant spray application, IPM, green house management, Post-harvestrnmanagement and storage management.


Organize andrnfacilitate Farmer field schools on technical as well as extension methodologyrnand extension management related issues according to Training Plan for capacityrndevelopment of target farmers.


Facilitate linkagernmeetings between lead farmers and potential exporters for income increase ofrnfarmers and boosting export from the respective district.


Conduct dailyrnvisits of target farmers orchard and crops and provide technical assistance.


Keep  rnthe regional/provincial coordinator with update information regarding program componentsrnin the district.


Resolution of thernproblems raised in the field and be responsive for any questions coming fromrnfield or seek advice for better solution from regional coordinator/provincialrncoordinator.


Work closely with thernregional coordinator/provincial and business development and exportrnfacilitation team in order to ensure that all components of the program arernrunning well and supported.

rnrnParticipate in all-related events (meetings, workshops, and conferences)rnand keep networking with national and International organizations in order tornstay informed about orchard establishment and other horticultural-relatedrndevelopments in the district.

1 May 2019- 31 Dec 2019
UNICEF & Helmand Provincial Education Department. Data Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities

o  rnPrepare operational and budget plans for CBErnrelated activies;

o  rnBe responsible for data collection, storage,rncleaning, verification and analyzing of the data;

o  rnDevelop calendar for teacher trainings,rnkeep training data collection and compilation; 

o  rnEnsure maintaining record of allrnfinancial/HACT related documents including FACE, SOE and budget plans; 

o  rnReview of all support documentsrn(receipts, invoices, and contracts) for payments;

o  rnMaintain proper filing system both inrnsoft and hard; 

o  rnMake sure that expenditures are accordingrnto the approved budget and the financial rules

o  rnSupport teachers in creating bankrnaccounts and keep proper record of bank accounts of the teachers.

o  rnTrack teacher’s salary payment on monthlyrnbasis and update the PED and Education team of UNICEF in SR.

o  rnPrepare and maintain necessaryrninformation related to the CBE teachers’ personal forms and contracts.

o  rnPrepare documents for spot checks andrnsupport the PED in the spot check processes, including coordination with relevantrnunits and implementing partners.

o  rnCompiles data and information on subjectrnmatters relevant to the work of the CBE program to facilitate preparation ofrnreports, working papers, and presentations. 

o  rnPrepares and maintains records pertainingrnto CBE programme planning and development for the PED.

o  rnSupport workshops and trainingsrnpertaining to the CBE programme, and provides support in making the necessaryrnlogistical arrangements.


o  rnCompiles and organizes data andrninformation to assist in the preparation of periodic or ad-hoc financial and datarnreports relating to the CBE program.

1 Feb – 2016 to Nov 2018.
CARD-F (Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility) Helmand, Afghanistan. Cotton Extension Agent.


Work under the supervision of Cotton Production Specialist;

Supervise the overall extension program on provincial level;

Adopt and demonstrate the best management practices in the cotton sector;

Be familiar with major cotton pests and diseases and its management approaches;

Conduct field trainings for the cotton farmers at district level;

Prepare and implement seasonal calendar of cotton activities for the target districts;

Collect required data from cotton fields on regular basis, analyse the data and report to the Cotton Production Specialist


Provide support to selected entrepreneurs on greenhouserndesign, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and the overall greenhousernmanagement; 
Also for Green House: Provide training to greenhouse entrepreneurs in relation to off-season vegetablernplantation, harvest, post-harvest handling, disease control and the overallrnmanagement of the greenhouse and controlled environment; 
rnDesign and develop the irrigation system of the greenhouses and contribute inrnproper maintenance of the irrigation system; 
rnEstablish and provide regular extension services to all greenhouse entrepreneurs;
rnCoordinate closely with suppliers of greenhouse materials during thernconstruction phase of the project; 
rnDeliver agricultural extension services to project beneficiaries during thernproject implementation period;
rnAdvice greenhouse entrepreneurs on better use of fertilizer, water and otherrnresources required for cultivation under the controlled environment; 
rnEnsure that greenhouse fabrication is done in accordance with the approvedrnstandards considering the quality assurance and quality controlrnfunctions; 
rnAdvice and take active part with regards to beniciary selection, siternselection, land preparation and other activities;
rnAdvice the entrepreneurs in relation to Nutrition/Firtigation including type ofrnfertilizer ( compost ) and their application techniques.


Train project Extension Agents on best productionrntechniques, horticulture management, use of crop calendar and the greenhousernoff-season production.


Assess the farmers' current practices and provide guidancernon how to address any issues that may limit productivity.

(13 June- 13Aug) 2013.
CHAMP- Roots of peace (Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program) Helmand, Afghanistan. Extension worker


rnrnTransfer of knowledge/info on agriculture new technology andrnresearch to the related farmers and producers.

Summary of Skills

Professional technical, operational and administrative assistance throughout the programming process for the education programmes/projects through the application of theoretical and technical skills in researching, collecting, analyzing and presenting technical programme information while learning organizational rules, regulations and procedures to support the development and formulation of the Education Programme within the Country Programme.
Motivated, highly skilled master’s graduate with diverse professional background seeking a challenging career in well reputed organization where my experience and education is best reserved for organizational purposes and as well as my own professional growth.


4th Job
Horticulture Extension Officer.
3rd Job
Data Administrator
2nd Job
Cotton Extension Agent
1st Job
Extension worker

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