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HR Assistant


Helmand, Lashkargah

General Information

  • Address Kabul
  • Job Locations  Kabul
  • Job Category  Administrative
  • Highest Degree Level Bachelor
  • Total Years of Experience 10 years

Work Experience

August 15, 2021 up to Jan 31, 2022
MCA (Mercy Corps Afghanistan) VTC Officer

March 17, 2019 up to April 30, 2021
MCA (Mercy Corps Afghanistan) Program Officer

Workrnin close collaboration and coordination with all Departments (Finance,rnProcurement, Administration, HR, Security, others) in benefit of the program’srnday-to-day activities.

Track/overseernthe program’s day-to-day activities according to the program’s goals and workrnplan.

SupportrnDPM/ SPM in tracking project impact, standards, and operational compliance.

Reportrnwriting on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (as required by program) forrnthe use of the Deputy Program Manager/Senior Program Manager.

Developrncost estimations of program activities (Bills of Quantity-BoQs) and carry outrnits complete approval process, raise Project Initiations (PIs) in MC’s TOLArnPlatform, raise Purchase Requests (PRs), follow-up with Procurement on a timelyrnbasis to determine the status of purchases and get them fully processed.

Workrnin close collaboration with MEL Unit, during regular monitoring, ToolkitrnDistribution Verification, Post-Graduation Support Verification, CARM implementationrnper VTC, and any other required MEL process.

Workrnin close collaboration with Market Linkage Team (MLT), before and during thernPost-Graduation support phase, in ESC (Employment Service Center) activities,rnREC (Ready to Earn Club) phase, and any other MLT activity. 

Participaternin meetings as assigned and develop meeting minutes.

Adherernto and promote all MC’s HR, Administrative, Finance, Procurement and Securityrnpolicies and procedures within the program.

Leadrnthe program’s community mobilization and public awareness in target communitiesrnto attract program participants and achieve community acceptance.

Developrna constructive relationship with the target population (Returnees, IDPs, Hostrncommunity members, women, youth, PWD), community based organizations, mosques,rnhigh-schools, and stakeholders in general throughout the province, by being good ambassador of the Program by doing visits, presentations andrnadequate/approved visibility about the program’s objective and fulfilledrnaccomplishments.

May 12, 2018 up to March 16, 2019
MCA (Mercy Corps Afghanistan) Admin/HR Assistant

Regularly monitor VTCs Staffrncausal contractors (Trainers, Admin, Guards, Cleaners, Store keeper ….,) andrnreport to supervisor accordingly.

Organize, compile, update VTC personnel records and documentation

Maintain and monitor the attendance book; alert supervisors to poorrnattendance records of relevant staff.

Make sure that leave records of all staff are properly maintained andrnupdated.

Ensure salary standardization among all contracted staff for similarrnhours and work nature (please note I see there are similar responsibilities butrnthis will be key to mention).

Make regular visits to VTCs to ensure attendance and the respectiverndates are properly signed (I see the first responsibility in the PD but I wouldrnsuggest we add ‘field visits’ to make it clear.

Responsible for preparing ID cards for all staff.

Preparing new employee files

Collect the monthly timesheets and other relevant documents of servicerncontractors, consulting with VTC coordinator and to submit to operation Officerrnfor further process of salary.

Responsible for maintaining copies of personnel files for allrncontractors – including recruitment documents, CVs, contracts, time sheets,rndisciplinary papers and performance evaluations.

Assure that recruitment of service contractors adheres to the MercyrnCorps regulations.

Assure that salaries correspond to Mercy Corps salary scales andrnstanding protocols:

Assure that Afghanistan personnel policies strictly adhere tornAfghanistan labour law as applicable. rnThe includes payment of appropriate taxes, benefits etc.

Maintain up-to-date VTCs service contractor’s lists.

Maintain annual holiday schedule including determination of exactrnholidays in advance of the holiday (as possible) and inform all contractors.

Coordinate with VTC Coordinator or Operation Officer the coverage forrnany service contractor during his/her leave.

Responsible for the orientation of all new service contractors on MercyrnCorps Afghanistan systems, policies and procedures.

Continue with support and advice on policies as required.

Orient newly-hired contractors on Performance Management System andrnIndividual Operating Plan.

Oversee the clearance of terminated employees as per MC Afghanistan policiesrnand procedures.

Participate in disciplinary, hiring and termination meetings withrnOperations Manager.

Maintain confidentiality of all service contractors’ personnel issuesrnincluding disciplinary procedures, contracts and pay rates.

Identify weaknesses in current VTC Servicerncontractors staffing systems, advise supervisor on outstanding issues andrnassist in designing and implementing 

Dec 03, 2016 up to Dec 31, 2017
MCF (Medicine San's Frontiers) - Doctors with out Border Log Store Keeper

 Making daily, weekly, monthly and quarterrnreports to line Manager.

 Conducting stock inventory in each threernmonths.
  UpdatingrnData Base on daily basis.

 Preparingrnorder for each month and for six months.

 Delivering thernrequested items to the requesters.

Follow the MSF Warehouse Policy andrnProcedures Guidelines

Daily coordination of MSF logistical,rnwarehouse procurement activities;

Ensure the timely delivery of suppliesrnto respective Projects with the coordination of procurement department and MSFrntransport pool.

Has a full understanding of MSFrnwarehouse policies and formats. Assists, as needed in training staff on thesernpolicies and forms;

Maintain the inventory and prepare thernreports on a daily bases;

Receive the goods as per the descriptionrnon the purchase order/request. Inspects goods upon delivery and rejectsrninadequate, broken, lower quality and other items not meeting the requirementsrnof the order;

Dispatch goods from the warehouse usingrnappropriate MSF procedures, Store Release forms, Waybills and update StockrnRecords.

Prepare report of monthly stocks, end ofrngrant stocks, fiscal year physical counts and other physical counts, as instructedrnby supervisor.

Display bin cards on each item in thernwarehouse;

  Maintain physical and electronic copiesrnof inventory, as per formats and forms provided in the Warehouse Manual ;

  Generate the commodities movement wayrnbills and gate passes.

  Conduct himself/herself bothrnprofessionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to MSF and tornnot jeopardize its humanitarian mission in Afghanistan.

May 14, 2013 up to May 28, 2014
Mosafar Zadah Curative Hospital HR Officer

July 15, 2014 up to Nov 19, 2015
SICA SUTH Protection Officer

Ensurernimplementation of protection mainstreaming in IRC humanitarian program in fieldrnlevel

Conductrnout-reaches activities to provide the refugee population with relevantrninformation on services and address reported cases or protection concerns

UndertakernProtection monitoring activities and manage the monitoring evaluation data onrnfield level

Identifyrnprotection gaps and concerns facing by the returnees and refugees population;rnin particular women and children of the affected communities and share therninformation with central office

Compilernassessment reports on the protection concerns and priorities of the refugeernpopulation collected during the protection monitoring activities

Ensure issuesrnand challenges are addressed in a timely and participatory manner by Informingrnrelated department and line mangers

Follow up thernreferrals with relevant GBV / child protection actors in order to ensure therntarget communities protection rights

Contribute tornregular reports development by focusing on protection measures and specificrnactivities progress

Organize/activelyrnparticipate in the Regional and provincial Protection Working Group and casernmanagement group meetings; Draft minutes and share with central office

Develop andrnmaintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders, includingrncommunity leaders, NGOs, community-based organizations and other IRC sectors tornenhance cooperation and coordination

Providernsupport, guidance and assistance to protection and field staff in all the fieldrnoffices on protection priorities, issues and concerns.

Must have goodrninformation and knowledge about Basic human rights, Child Rights, Disputernresolution, Early Marriage, Women health and Birth Spacing and rights ofrnneighborhood in Islam.

Jan 30, 2018 up to May 11, 2018
Dynamic Vision Team Leader

Dec 01, 2015 up to Nov 30, 2016
IRD Procurement Officer

Summary of Skills

Ability to work independently and as member of Team
Able to learn new skills very Fast.
Team working with Professional behavior.
Strong belief in hard work and uphill struggles.
Continues professional improvements.
Good Qualified in Written and Oral Communication.

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