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Biography My name is Ezatullah Haqpal. I was born in Nangarhar province. I studied up to 12th grade in this province. I studied from 1st grade to 10th grade in Nasrat High School and after that I completed my education at the Agricultural Vocational High School. During my student days, I was a volunteer computer/internet teacher at Lincoln educational center. As a teacher, I would carry out some programs that would be related to this educational center. One year after graduation, I became manager at Reyan Educational center. I remained the manager of this center for three months. After conquering the entrance exam. I passed to the Agriculture Faculty Department of Forestry and Environmental Protection at Laghman University. I started my undergraduate studies at Laghman University. During my university days, once again I started volunteer computer and internet teaching at Lincoln learning center to share my learned skill with others. During this period, I participated in many seminars and workshops on education, capacity building, the management or good leadership, journalism, and so on. And in the last four years, I have participated in some campaign-oriented programs in Laghman that the community desperately needed (collecting books, collecting clothes COVID-19 campaign), and so on. I received my Diploma in Forestry and Environmental Protection from the Faculty of Agriculture at Laghman University and I am looking for the right time to start my Masters.

General Information

  • Location  AfghanistanAll Provinces
  • Category  Agriculture
  • Address Nangarhar.Jalalabad
  • Language Pashto,Dari,English
  • Highest Degree Level graduated from Agriculture faculty Laghman University
  • Total Years of Experience 5


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