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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer 322 views

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About ARCS:

معلومات مختصر در مورد جمعیت هلال احمر افغانی سره میاشت 

جمعیت هلال احمر افغانستان که در سال 1934 تأسیس شد، یک نهاد مستقل و بشردوستانه است که توسط دولت افغانستان به عنوان یک نهادخیریه و بیطرف برای ادارات دولتی به رسمیت شناخته شده است. جمعیت هلال احمر افغانی سره میاشت نقش مهمی در ارائه خدمات رضاکارانه و کمک های بشری ایفاء میکند. بر اساس قانون و اساس نامه جمعیت ملی فعالیت های خویش  را مطابق با اصول هفت گانه خویش  بشردوستی، بی طرفی، استقلالیت، خدمات رضاکارانه، وحدت و جهان شمولیت غیر جانبداری انجام می دهد. از جمله، جمعیت ملی وظیفه دارد به جوامع آسیب دیده کمک کند، سرپناه اضطراری تهیه کند و اقلام امدادی را بین افراد آسیب پذیر توزیع کند. جمعیت هلال احمر از طریق شبکه ای متشکل از 7 زون ساحوی و 34 نمایندگی در ولایات میباشدکه بیش از 20000 کارمند و رضاکار آموزش دیده،با همکاری سازمان های ملی و بین المللی با در سطح کشور برای کاهش الارم بشری در طول دهه‌های گذشته، جمعیت هلال احمر افغانی سره میاشت موفق شده است که بی‌طرفی خویش را حفظ کند و از پذیرشی برخوردار است که تیم‌هایش را قادر می‌سازد تا اقدامات بشردوستانه اصولی را در سراسر خطوط درگیری، از جمله در بخش‌های بزرگی از مناطق تحت کنترل گروه‌های مخالف مسلح، انجام دهند. با حمایت شرکای خود مانند اداره محترم – فدراسیون بین المللی صلیب سرخ (IFRC)، کمیته بین المللی صلیب سرخ (ICRC)  و دیگر شرکای خویش تقویت میگردد .


About Afghan Red Crescent Society( ARCS) 

Established in 1934, the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is an independent, humanitarian institution which has been recognized by the government of Afghanistan as an auxiliary to State agencies. ARCS play an important role in delivering disaster response services. Under the 2016 Red Crescent Law, ARCS carry out its activities in accordance with the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary services, unity and universality. Among others, ARCS have the duty to provide assistance to disaster-affected communities, supply emergency shelter, and distribute relief items to vulnerable people. Through its network of 7 regional branches and 34 provincial branches and more than 20,000 staff and trained volunteers, ARCS is amongst the few national organizations with nation-wide outreach and access. Over the past decades, ARCS has managed to uphold its neutrality and enjoys acceptance enabling its teams to carry out principled humanitarian action across the lines of conflict, including in the large portions of the territories controlled by armed opposition groups. With the support of its Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners – the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Partners National Societies like the Norwegian Red Cross – ARCS has also strengthened its management systems, procedures and partnerships to respond to emergencies, upon request of the public authorities or under its own initiative

Job Description:




Key aspects

  • Promote that ARCS   Programme cooperation with ICRC, IFRC and Participating National Society (PNS) programme teams is consistent and efficient.
  • Support sound technical planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting in line with established programme agreements and programme plans.
  • to organize purposeful collaboration with the ICRC, IFRC, and PNS programme teams in line with technical standards and programme agreements.
  • Represent in external WASH and related forums as assigned with the supervisor


Main responsibilities and tasks for the position


1. Assessments and Strategy

  • On an ongoing basis, provide support in reviewing, collecting and analyzing WASH data, mapping of risk areas with particular focus on WASH related risks and gaps analysis.
  • Provide support in assessing existing WASH strategies/plans and ongoing implementation activities and, together with ICRC, IFRC, and PNS, update as necessary, taking into consideration the evolving context and existing ARCS/RCRC, national, and international standards/guidelines.
  • Support in coordinating procurement, prepositioning and distribution of WASH supplies/kits in accordance with the agreed WASH response strategy.

2. Programme Design

  • Enforce the implementation of aims and objectives of WASH response program in line with the ARCS/RCRC WASH strategies and guidelines.
  • Select and design activities from an array of appropriate technologies for water systems for the given context, including source selection (ground water, surface water), abstraction, storage, treatment and distribution for new systems and/or the rehabilitation of old Water systems.
  • Select and design the most appropriate form of sanitation system (to include excreta disposal, vector control, solid waste disposal, drainage) taking into full account the local conditions, resources, customs and cultural norms.
  • Implement a hygiene promotion program, which suits the local context and is widely accepted by beneficiaries.
  • Ensure the consideration of cross cutting areas such as gender, protection, DRR and sustainability within all WASH interventions, also considering the importance of integration with other sectors such as health and nutrition
  • Ensure Sphere and National standards are considered through the program cycle and are well documented.
  • Develop concept papers, letters of intent, proposals and budgets in respect of the above.


3. Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of health program activities

  • Provide support in planning, organizing and developing WASH activities, according to the programme proposal & ARCS country plan of action and ensuring quality and accountability of those activities.
  • Work with health team to develop effective/integrated monthly work plan including monitoring tools and mechanisms that link to ARCS HQ and RO workplan, and information system for monitoring gender/sex disaggregated data.
  • Provide support including quality assurance as well as monitoring of ARCS WASH interventions to ensure efficient and effective use of ARCS resources and timely accounting for resources provided/committed to ARCS.
  • Visit project sites and monitor WASH interventions and conditions and provide reports and recommendations for improvement.
  • Monitor regularly ARCS program activities supported by partners using the monitoring tool in use by ARCS/MoPH and ensure quality WASH activities offered by ARCS
  • Maintain an effective monitoring and reporting system that supports inclusiveness especially in reaching out to the hard-to-reach affected population.
  • Work with the health team to identify and document learning and success stories to help disseminate lessons on the WASH interventions.
  • Submit a comprehensive report of activities to the WASH Manager
  • Participate actively to scoping mission/assessment of the WASH when appropriate.


4. Representation/communication:

  • Maintain good communication with RCRC movement representatives
  • Maintain regular communication with the WASH Manager concerning the program including but not limited at preparing and sending the situation report.
  • work with other stakeholders engaged in WASH activities in order to strengthen WASH work including emergency preparedness and response activities and share technical resources in the interests of greater efficiency and effectiveness.


5. Training/Capacity building

  • Support WASH Manager in improving WASH Unit within ARCS Health Department, assessing training needs for ARCS WASH staff, promoting, and carrying out training, to build the capacity of staff on best practices and ensure consistency and quality of the WASH response planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Organise joint technical capacity need assessment and capacity building training/workshops with health facilities staff.
  • Organise joint supervision and mentoring visits to the field with partners and provide technical support to other ARCS staff to manage WASH interventions/services.
  • In collaboration with ACRS Regional/Province staff, organise training of community health workers and community representatives on their roles and functions in managing WASH services, including quality, diversity, and inclusiveness.
  • With technical support of Supervisor and in collaboration with partners, organise training of Red Crescent Volunteers on safe and inclusive delivery/ provision of WASH services.
  • Provide technical capacity building through coaching and on-the-job training during fields visits.


6. Reporting

• Actively contribute to development of quarterly and annual reports including monitoring the impact on beneficiaries (both negative and positive), progress in reaching project objectives, and sharing lessons learned as per ARCS and partners/ donor’s requirements.


Skills and Experience:

  • At least 5 years professional experience in design and implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects.
  • Prior experience working in emergency settings or insecure environments; host community experience preferred.
  • In-depth understanding of relevant technical standards and the operationalization of those standards in humanitarian projects.
  • Proven experience in project cycle management (PCM), including needs assessments project design, and reporting. Experience in sensitive context, conflict area, and ideally Primary Health Care programme is required.
  • Knowledge about building technical capacities of partner organizations.
  • Understanding of the use of innovative tools and approaches in a relevant technical discipline.
  • working experience with an international non-governmental organization, donors and government bodies. Working with RCRC movement is an asset.
  • Excellent written and spoken English. Working proficiency of provincial languages is an asset


Other requirements:

  • Interest in context and good capacity to analyze the situation.
  • Strong Management skills
  • Need to have very good communication skills and share information with the colleagues and national staff
  • Most of all patience, organization, training/coaching skills, and diplomacy are required.
  • Track record of managing humanitarian projects in complex humanitarian setting  • Proven experience in working with vulnerable groups and marginalized populations
  • Excellent drafting skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of word and excel.


Personal Qualifications:

  • Ability to work towards achieving objectives and results.  • Ability to convince and gain acceptance
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to be solution oriented
  • Collaborates well with others and supports others in the pursuit of team goals. •      Creates a stable and re-assuring work atmosphere and is firm and reliable
  • Good team spirit.

Job Requirements:



  • University Degree in relevant technical discipline, including civil engineering, water, and sanitation engineering, or environmental health engineering.

Submission Guideline:

Dear applicants, please refer to the Recruitment Department of Human Resources Afghan Red Crescent Society HQ office Afshar-e-Silo for submitting thier application along with thier Curriculum Vita (CV) , copy of educational documents, copy of work experience, citizenship ID card and a photo.

Note: Request for a clampdown is not accepted by email or online.

متقاضیان محترم لطف نموده جهت درخواست احراز بست به آمریت استخدام ریاست  منابع بشری دفتر مرکزی جمعیت هلال احمر افغانی واقع افشار سیلو مراجعه  نموده  خلص سوانح ، کاپی اسناد تحصیلی کاپی اسناد تجارب کاری تذکره تابعیت و یک قطعه عکس با خود داشته باشند.

نوت: درخواست برای احراز بست از طریق ایمیل و یا آنلاین پذیرفته نمیشود.


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