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CTG staff and support humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world, providing a rapid and cost-effective service for development and humanitarian missions. With past performance in 17 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, we have placed more than 20,000 staff all over the world since operations began in 2006.
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Job Description:

Given the poor situation of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in Afghanistan, Clients aims to reduce the burden of contaminated water, unimproved sanitation facilities and poor hygiene  for children. Client with its limited human resource capacity cannot manage routine and daily planning and implementation related tasks of WASH. The works of extenders were done in the past by NTAs (National Technical Assistance) that were contracted through the former government ministers (MRRD, MoE & MoPH), and more recently through extenders. Now, due to the current context, client  cannot support NTAs, and contracts were terminated at end of 2021 due to office instruction. Critical NTAs were then contracted as extenders through an LTA holder to continue the vital work these NTAs were carrying out for the WASH Programme. However, the current LTA contract will be terminated by end of May 2022 and in order that these extenders can continue their work for the WASH programme, UNICEF would like to bring all those extenders under a new LTA contract effective from 1st June.

Working with the people at community and CDCs (Community Development Councils) level, with relevant counterparts and other sector partners needs lots of daily coordination and documentation which is not feasible with client offices and staff. In the same time, client WASH is being implemented in remote communities which requires regular follow up and supervision at scale.

Due to the current humanitarian context, client would like to scale up its WASH programme significantly which requires human resource capacity at sub-national and community level which is not feasible with client WASH current staff.

Considering the scale up plan, importance of coordination with authorities and rigorous monitoring to be put in place for ensuring effective and efficient implementation of WASH interventions in remote areas, Technical Extender is the best possible solution which will help client  to continue the ongoing work which was started through NTAs in the past. In this case, client will ensure accountability towards effective implementation of organizational objectives and efficient use of resources.

Role objectives

Specific Tasks/Activities

  • Support the construction and rehabilitation of community drinking water supply systems.
  • Provision of operational support (administrative, logistical, and finical) to sub-national staff to deliver key results in WASH
  • Provide on the job training to CDCs and contractors to ensure good quality construction of rural water supply systems and to ensure establishment and training of O&M committee (encouraging female participation) for water supply system
  • Provide technical supervision and monitoring of WASH programs
  • Support for water quality testing
  • Support the construction and rehabilitation of WinS facilities in school
  • Support the implementation of software activities in schools including MHM
  • Support to WASH in health care facilities
  • Support the implementation of Health Centre Hygiene Programme
  • Support for Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools
  • Carry out assessments/survey to determine WASH needs
  • Provide gender responsive humanitarian WASH services through temporary solutions to affected people in communities and IDP sites


  • Water supply projects designed and implemented
  • Staff are supported to deliver their daily tasks.
  • Mechanics are trained on Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • O&M committees are established for water supply systems.
  • WASH activities monitored and supervised.
  • Water quality of systems tested
  • WASH facilities constructed in schools
  • Awareness raised at school about key WASH issues
  • WASH facilities provided to health care facilities
  • Number of health centres where HCHP implemented
  •  Number of schools supported with MHM facilities and messages
  • Number of assessments conducted
  • Number of IDPs and other affected sites assisted with WASH services.

Job Requirements:

A bachelor or higher-level degree in water supply engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and/or another relevant field.

·        A minimum of 5 years’ experience in:

o   Planning and designing of water supply systems, including  intakes (sources), solar powered systems, transmission, and distribution systems, pumping systems, water treatment plants, reservoirs, pipes, and fittings infiltration galleries etc.

o   Planning and design low-cost, small-scale sanitation systems

o   Preparation of technical specifications, cost estimates, tender documents, etc.

o   Preparation of detailed design reports.

o   Hands on experience of water supply systems and strategies in comparable situations, including water demand management.

·        Expert level skills in below software:

o   AutoCAD

o   Water CAD or Water GEMS, or similar hydraulic design software.

o   Auto CAD Civil 3D

o   Microsoft office

·        Good English speaking and writing skills.

·        Experience of on-the-job training and mentoring in water supply skills.

·        Knowledge of national and international standards and codes of water supply systems.

·        Basic knowledge of technical survey and assessment, hydrogeological assessments, groundwater, and related areas.

·        Knowledge of climate change impacts and resilience strategies

·        Experience of leading and managing water supply projects and design teams.

Submission Guideline:

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