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About Roots of Peace:

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization that has worked in war-torn countries around the world with our partners to remove the remnants of war, landmines and unexploded ordinance, and restore the land in order to rebuild peaceful communities for generations to come. For the past twenty years, the Roots of Peace award-winning “Mines to Vines” approach has impacted one million farmers and families, enabling the exports worth over $150 million to international markets. Since beginning our work in Afghanistan in 2003, Roots of Peace has worked with agricultural value chains in every province of the country resulting in 100,000 tons of exports, creating over 9,000 full-time agribusiness jobs that benefited more than 38,000 families from these value chain approaches. From farmers to exporters, Roots of Peace develops entire agricultural value chains by implementing the ROP Development Model which is designed to serve as a catalyst to generate much broader impact industry-wide – improving incomes for smallholder farmers, bringing peace to rural communities, transforming national industries.

Job Description:

Tasks to Support Role:

  1. Provide the overall Organizational Planning process and design of an efficient Planning system for the effective implementation of irrigation projects in the target areas.
  2. Design of irrigation schemes and low-cost soil and water conservation measures based on technical manuals/concepts/guidance developed for the project to make sure the prepared design is economically viable, technically feasible, and socially acceptable.
  3. Improvements of technical specifications for the designed sub-projects with close coordination of field staff
  4. Assist the Team lead and deputy team lead, for the efficient implementation of the irrigation projects.
  5. Assess irrigation training and development needs of field staff and provide appropriate induction and orientation, training, supervision, and support as required.
  6. Supervision of the water management aspects of the target irrigation channels and provision of directions to the technical team.
  7. Design surface irrigation layouts for the high-value crops in the target areas
  8. Coordinating all implementation activities among the team members.
  9. Assigning duties and responsibilities to the technical team members in consultation with project leadership based on the Project Implementation Plan.
  10. Participate in the selection and verification of the project sites in terms of efficient and effective use of water for high-value crops.
  11. Assessment of the performance of the selected sites and preparation of need assessment/diagnostic reports for irrigation schemes and low-cost soil and water conservation sites.
  12.  Flow and discharge measurement, water loss calculation, water use efficiency, and crop water productivity.
  13. Collection of climatic data (Rainfall, humidity, wind speed, sunshine hours, etc.) from different stations in the region.
  14. Do agro-meteorological and hydrological data analysis for selected sites and irrigation schemes.
  15. Design various water distribution /regulator structures based on the rehabilitation needs of an irrigation channel.
  16. Provide training and field support to the project provincial Team regarding surface irrigation layouts sustainable water management / conservational practices and optimum water use for horticulture crops/irrigation programs according to agreed plans and timelines for increased production.
  17. Compliance with essential environmental regulations and regulations and good customs and practices related to workmen’s safety.
  18. Provision of recommendations for improvement of water management practices in irrigation schemes.
  19. Perform other duties as assigned by the relevant supervisor


  1. Provide inputs (text and photos) for weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.
  2. Oversee the utilization of funds in the irrigation projects.
  3. Provide data and information to the CBARD M&E personnel, as required.

Job Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in water management /water resources engineering.
  • Minimum 7 years of experience with a bachelor’s degree & 5 Years of Experience with a master’s degree in the related field
  • Good knowledge of Management, practical irrigation on-farm water management concepts, analyses, report writing, evaluations, assessment, and presentation.
  • Experience in using crop water requirement estimation model (CROPWAT 8.0), Aqua Crop, etc.
  • Have proven and extensive experience in irrigation structures and irrigation system design.
  • Have proven and extensive experience in civil 3D and other designing software.
  • Having extensive experience in high-efficiency irrigation system
  •  Practical experience in the analysis of hydrological data.
  • Proven recent experience in On-Farm Water-Use management/irrigation lay-outs designs of irrigation methods in Afghanistan.

Submission Guideline:

Important Note: Applicants should copy and paste the relevant Vacancy Announcement Number, Position Title, and Province Name (mentioned below) into the email subject line when submitting their application. Please do not add any other information in the subject line of your email except the Position title, Vacancy Number, and province name. Applications received without a VA Number will not be considered.

1. Sr. Civil Engineer  (AFN-1363)

“Roots of Peace does not want to disrupt government functionings and therefore cannot hire government staff”.

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