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Accountable for professional technical contribution to project design, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Immunization programme that includes Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI), COVID-19 vaccination and other immunization related activities such as outbreak response. Measles mass campaign etc and cover data analysis, program support, vaccines supplies, community mobilization, supportive supervision to improve coverage. The job also aims to improve teamwork and collaboration, and capacity building in support of achievement of planned objectives of the work plan, aligned with country programme goals, objectives and strategy.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Timely, accurate care and follow EPI program for all patients.
  • Apply all vaccination programs for patient according to EPI program and plan.
  • Accurate, complete and up-to-date programme/project management information is available for effective budget preparation, programme/project design, implementation, management and evaluation Ensures the availability of accurate, complete and up-to-date information required for effective Immunization programme and project design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Drafts evidenced-based Immunization programme budgets for review by the supervisor, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness of data and other inputs.
  • Drafts updated project status reports.
  • Assembles and provides updated data and information on national immunization programme and on financial/administrative status for monitoring, analysis and analysis.
  • Analyses the programme status and recommends appropriate adjustments as necessary.
  • Project efficiency, effectiveness and vaccination coverage are enhanced through effective implementation follow-on Enhances project efficiency and effectiveness through implementation follow-on, including monitoring Donor inputs, local conditions and resources, flow of supply and non-supply assistance and Immunization project status.
  • Participate fully in all immunization activities including planning for Polio campaign, EPI, and review meetings.
  • Ensure community mobilizers are well trained and empowered to carry out community mobilization activities during both routine and campaign activities.
  • Ensure training of vaccinators by NGO’s are done qualitatively while providing support and monitoring.
  • Undertakes field visits to districts and sub-districts for monitoring and supportive supervision of immunization activities (EPI, PEI, other campaigns, and Covid-19 vaccinations) Prepares reports on the results of the field visits and progress of vaccination coverage.
  • Progress reports and project work plans are timely prepared, and effective technical support is provided in the drafting of donor, annual and other reports/project documentation related to EPI Analyses collected data and information and prepare progress reports, drafts changes in Immunization project work plans and in identification of required supplies and equipment.
  • Drafts sections of donor, annual and other project documentation related to EPI, ensuring accuracy and consistency with established rules, regulations and plans of action.
  • 100% availability of vaccines and other supplies (including promotional items) for EPI, PEI and other immunization activities, well managed and accounted for Participates in forecasting of vaccines and other supply needs for all immunization activities ( EPI, Campaigns).
  • Ensure all supplies are delivered from the regional and/or national levels to the provinces and thereafter supplied to districts/health facilities/teams based on agreed distribution plans.
  • Ensures vaccine management practices at all levels are effective & efficient achieving the desired wastage rates at each level.
  • Ensures 100% accountability of all vaccines especially type 2 containing vaccines used in polio campaigns.
  • Specific to PEI, ensures that Form A is filled at districts and provincial levels (within the stipulated time frame).
  • Facilitates in the development of cold chain inventory and develop and share plan to address gaps Communities are well informed, mobilized to demand and access all immunization services Supports all immunization community support structures through appropriate capacity building, mentoring, supportive supervision, and activity monitoring Ensures that these structures are embedded into the communities, remain active and are accepted by the communities to provide the needed information, awareness and mobilization with respect to values of immunization for improved demand of such services.
  • Ensures community perceptions, needs, expectations are reflected into the immunization programs in line with Donor’s Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) to improve ownership, participation and demand for immunization services.
  • awareness seminars.


  • University level or High School graduate with relevant experiences.
  • Past working experience with Social worker and Data Collection Tool is highly desirable.

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