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About PU-AMI:

About Première Urgence – Aide Médicale Internationale (PU-AMI)

 (PU-AMI)   معلومات در مورد موسسه :    

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency. The association leads in average 200 projects by year in the following sectors of intervention: food security, health, nutrition, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, water, sanitation, hygiene and economic recovery. PUI is providing assistance to around 7 million people in 22 countries – in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and France.


Afghan mission is the oldest PUI mission, with the first medical intervention launched in 1979 just after the Soviet Invasion. PU-AMI’s teams currently work mainly on the implementation of health services for the population of Eastern region, complementing its health response across the sectors of nutrition, protection, WaSH with an important focus on displaced population.


موسسه (PU-AMI) یک اداره غیردولتی، غیرانتفاعی، غیرسیاسی و غیر مذهبی مدد رسان بین ا لمللی میباشد. تیم ما متعهد به رسانیدن کمک به قربانیان ملکی  منزوی شده و محروم ویا  آنعده قربانیان/مردم  ملکی را براورده سازد که به اثر جنگ، حوادث طبیعی و مشکلات اقتصادی بیجاشده اند، به حاشیه کشانده شده اند و با خطر مواجه اند. موسسه   (PU-AMI)    به 7 میلیون مردم   در 22 ممالک    200 پروزه را در سال در بخش های دیل رهبری مینماید: مصوونیت غذایی –صحت- سو‌ٰ ء تغذی- باز سازی و ساختمانی زیر بنا ها – اب – بهداشت- حفظ ا لصحه و باز سازی اقتصادی در افریقا، آسیا، شرق میانه، ارو پای شرقی، و فرانسه  معا ونت مینماید.

ماموریت افغانستان  به حیث ماموریت قدیمی با اولین مداخله در بخش صحی در سال1979  فقط بعد از تجاوز شوروی اغاذ گردیده است. تیم پی پو- ای ام ای فعلآ مصروف عرضه خدمات صحی برای مردم زون شرقی متمم پاسخگویی به صحت با بخش های سوء تغذی حفاظت وواش فعالیت مینماید.


Job Description:

Responsibilities and particular assignments


General responsibilities

The Referral focal point contributes to enhance the holistic assistance and response to targeted communities, being responsible for handling internal and external referrals, follow-up of those referrals and reinforces the network of partners in the area of intervention. S/he maintains an updated service mapping and shares information on available services to other departments. S/he is the focal point for managing internal and external referrals as well as follow-up on referred cases and is responsible to ensure that Referral SOPs are enforced.

Following, PU-AMI Referrals Guidelines, s/he refers the beneficiary internally or externally to the proper stakeholders according to the person’s/household’s needs. S/he maintains a referral database to ensure the correct and timely data entry of all referrals-related data. This database will serve as a follow-up tool. S/he is in charge of contacting the referred individuals and ensuring if the referral has been effective.

Finally, s/he produces weekly/monthly and upon-request reports on the Referrals mechanisms.



Objective 1: (Referral management)

Activities/main duties

•           Following Persons of concern’s identification, mobile health team’s identification, internal/ external referrals and based on the referral SOPs, follow up on the referred case internally/ externally to the proper stakeholders/ PU-AMI departments with defined cases priority. Additionally, follow up on the cash for transportation given to the referred individuals.

•           Fill the Referral Database with accurate data issued from calls, visits or referrals from PU-AMI’s targeted health facilities and update it on a regular basis following feedbacks on the service provision.

•           Ensure that cases in need of external referrals are referred and followed- up in a timely manner to identified external partner, using the referral sheet.

•           For internal referrals, revert to the beneficiaries with feedback;

•           For incoming external referrals, forward the case to the appropriate internal department. Once a final decision on the case has been taken, revert back to the external partner.

•           In coordination with the Program teams, keep the service mapping with all the details as per the format (name, address, contact numbers, services provided, selection criteria etc.) to date.


Objective 2: (data management and reporting)

Activities/main duties

•           Ensure that all data entered in the Referral data base and other relevant forms/documents is in English (translated from Pashto to English if needed);

•           Ensure timely and correct data entry of the referred visits in the database;

•           Do a proper archiving of the referral forms (internal and external), following the PU-AMI data protection policy.

•           Update and maintain regularly the service mapping- including the address, phone numbers, open hours, accessibility constraints.

•           Report to the Project manager/Deputy Field Coordinator on trends, delays or challenges in terms of internal and external referrals, including regarding gaps in service provisions.

•           Produce monthly and quarterly analytical reports on referrals and any other data analysis as per the line manager request.

Objective 3  (Internal and external coordination)

Activities/main duties

•           Under the delegation of the Multi-sectoral Project manager, represent PU-AMI during meetings with other referral focal points from other agencies, to strengthen the complementarity of intervention;

•           Work in collaboration with the Project managers to strengthen the networking with other NGOs through active referral and follow up.

•           Work in collaboration of the Monitoring & Accountability (MEAL) Team to follow up on the cash for transportation given to the referred individuals.

•           Organize on a weekly basis a meeting with the appointed referral focal points of each PU-AMI team to ensure a proper follow up of the cases referred and on a monthly basis a meeting gathering all focal points.

•           Organize on a regular basis exchanges on best practices, challenges and recommendations with peers at base and mission level.


Objective 4:  ( Accountability and complaint management)

Activities/main duties

•           – In line with the PSEA policy and the Complaint Response mechanisms SOPs and depending on the category of the complaints, immediately redirect any related complaint to the Head of Mission at Coordination level or the Field Coordinator at base level.

•           – Work closely with the MEAL team to ensure smooth coordination

Job Requirements:


  • Language skills: fluent in English, Pashto and Dari (speaking/reading/writing)
  • Education degree: Medical doctor/bachelor degree in Social Sciences field or any relevant field
  • Work experience: at least 2 years of general work experience, or 1 year of specific experience related to the position requirement preferably in an NGO.
  • Familiarity with BPHS/EPHS programs.
  • Computer skill ( MS offices for the database creation and presentation)

Submission Guideline:

Dear candidates,

To apply for this vacancy, please use the following link


If the link above does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste it in the browser address bar.

Make sure to press submit at the end of the application.

No other type of submission will be accepted. Prepare your resume before applying, you will have to attach it.

Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted & local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

Submission Email:

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