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About Save the Children:

We employ approximately 25,000 people across the globe and work on the ground in over 100 countries to help children affected by crises, or those that need better healthcare, education and child protection. We also campaign and advocate at the highest levels to realize the right of children and to ensure their voices are heard.

We are working towards three breakthroughs in how the world treats children by 2030:

•             No child dies from preventable causes before their 5th birthday

•             All children learn from a quality basic education and that,

•             Violence against children is no longer tolerated

We know that great people make a great organization and that our employees play a crucial role in helping us achieve our ambitions for children.  We value our people and offer a meaningful and rewarding career, along with a collaborative and inclusive workplace where ambition, creativity, and integrity are highly valued.

SCI – Afghanistan

Save the Children has worked in Afghanistan since 1976. Our way of working close to people and on their own terms has enabled us to deliver lasting change to tens of thousands of children in the country. The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child is the basis of our work.

We are helping children get a better education, we make it possible for more boys and girls to attend school, we help children protect themselves and influence their own conditions. We work with families, communities and health workers in homes, clinics and hospitals to promote basic health in order to save lives of children and mothers

Job Description:


The overall purpose of this position is to provide primary health care services including treatment of SAM children through Mobile Health and Nutrition Team, supervise the rest of MHT team and contribute to the health promotion of the targeted population in Sar-e- Pul  Province

مسوليت هاي عمده:

ا داره نمود ن كارمندان تیم صحي و تغذی سیار

اداره نمودن امور تیم سیار صحي و تغذی

انجام معاینه اطفال ومریضان مردانه اقل 8 دقیقه برای هرمریض

بهبود بخشيد ن عرضه خد ما ت صحي در رابطه به مریضان

بهبود بخشيد ن سطح دا نش و ا ستعدا د علمي و مسلكي

تعقيب درست چگونگي  رشد و تكا مل مریضان

خانه پري نمودن كتا ب را جستر و تا لي شيت ستندرد مطابق رهنمود وزارت صحت عامه

ارایه تعلیمات صحی مطابق تقسیم اوقات تیم سیار اصحی و تغذی تغذی

معا ينه نمو دن مریضان

 تشریح وظایف

قبل از معا ينه

اداره نمودن جريان ورود مريضان (حق اوليت دادن به مريضان وخيم…)

چك نمودن سامان و لوازم معاينه (پاك بودن و درست بودن آنها)

پذ يرفتن مادر و مریضان غرض معاينه

برقرار ساختن ارتباط خوب با مادر و مریضان

چك نمودن كارت واكسين و كارت صحي مریضان

چك نمودن وضع رشد و تكامل مریضان

چك نمودن وضع نظافت مریضان


اخذ تاريخچه  دقيق و درست وضع صحي

معاينه درست و د قيق فزيكی

تشخيض و تداوي درست مطابق با رهنمود های ملی تداوی

تشريح حالت صحي و تشخيص مريضي مریضان و تشريح تداوي تجويز شده به مادرمریضان

تشخيص و راجع نمودن مريضان وخيم و مريضاني كه در كلينيك تداوي شده نتوانند  به مراجع مربوطه

مراعات نمودن شرايط حفظ ا لصحه در جريان معاينه

خانه پري نمودن كتاب راجستر

بهبود بخشيد ن عرضه خد ما ت صحي در رابطه به ا طفا ل

نظارت نمودن چگونه گي كارخد مه و بهبودي شرايط حفظ الصحه تیم سیار

جمع آوري و تحليل ارقام (راپور ماهانه )

ارايه نمودن بعضي پيشنهادات غرض بهبود شرايط عرضه خدمات صحي به مقامات ذ يصلاح

بهبود بخشيد ن سطح دا نش و ا ستعدا د علمي و مسلكي

سهم گيري فعال در سيمينار هاي آموزشي

سهم گيري در چهت بهبودي سيمينار هاي آموزشي ( ارايه پيشنهادات و تعيين بعضي عناوين)

عملي نمودن مواد شامل پروتوكول ها و سيمينار ها در جريان كار

تشريح وظا يف

اداره نمود ن كارمندان كلينيك:

تعقيب صورت حاضري كارمندان نظر به تقسيم اوقات رسمي

نظارت از فعاليت روزانه كارمندان نظر به لايحه وظايف شان.

نظارت نمودن كارمندان از نظر رعايت نمودن قواعد اسلامي و دسپلين هاي بشر دوستانه.

اطلاع دادن و تشويق نمودن كارمندان  به خاطر حاضر شدن شان در سيمينار هاي آموزشي كه از طرف وزارت صحت عامه ، موسسات ملل متحدويا موسسات خيريه غير حكومتي تدوير ميگردد.

ايجاد و نگهداري ارتباط مثبت و فعال در حصه كاري در بين شعبه هاي مختلف كلينيك.

داشتن ملاقات هاي منظم با ساير كارمندان غرض دريافت مشكلات آنها در حصه كار و در يافت راههاي حل به آنها.


اداره نمودن امور كلينيك: 

 آمر تیم سیار با نظارت نمودن وظايف چوكي دار در حصه حفظ  دارايي هاي تیم سیار و امنيت آن مسوول ميباشد.

آمر تیم سیار با نظارت نمودن وظايف كارگر در حصه نظافت و پاكي تیم سیار مسوول ميباشد.

. ايجاد  و نگهداري روابط نيك و فعال با ساير شعبه هاي ذ يربط (رياست صحت عامه

 ، موسسات خيريه بين المللي).

. تهیه. نمودن و تقد يم نمودن راپور  فعاليت هاي ماهانه تمام بخش هاي تیم سیار به مراجع مربوطه

).HMIS report).

. ايجاد و نگهداري روابط مثبت و فعال با كميته صحي در منطقه و اشتراک فعال در جلسات ماهوار ا كميته صحي تیم سیار

سلسله مراتب

. مسوول پروژه د ر سطح ولایت .

. نماينده موسسه ووزارت صحت.

ممنوعيت ها

 اظهار نظرنمودن يا نمايندگي کردن از موسسه برنامه انکشاف صحی واجتماعی بدون موافقه شخص مسوول.

. استعمال ملکيت يادارائي موسسه برنامه انکشاف صحی واجتماعی به استفاده شخصي.

. درحالت غيرنارمل بودن دراثر استعمال ادويه ياالکول.

. ساير ممنوعيت ها کاملاً در قانون باجزاي انظباتي قيد شده اند.

BEHAVIOURS (Values in Practice)


  • Ensure that you work to the best of your ability and demonstrate high levels of commitment to SC Afghanistan in order to ensure the objectives of your role and the country programme are met.


  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of all Save the Children resources in order to keep costs low and ensure safety in the workplace.


  • Comply with the requirements of Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy to ensure maximum protection for children



  • Lead, manage and motivate a team, ensuring that they have clear objectives and receive meaningful feedback on their performance.


  •   Other duties as directed.

(Obviously this needs to only include duties that could be reasonably expected to be carried out by someone with the skills, experience and seniority associated with the job in question).


Additional job responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities set out above are not exhaustive and the post holder may be required to carry out additional duties from time to time which are reasonable in relation to their level of skills and experience.


In the event of a significant humanitarian emergency, the post-holder will be expected to work outside their normal job description; vary their working hours; and occasionally work from a different location should the need arise.


Equal Opportunities

The post holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with the SCI Equal Opportunities and Diversity policies and procedures.


Child Safeguarding:

We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.

Safeguarding our Staff:

The post holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with the SCI anti-harassment policy.

Health and Safety

The role holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with SCI Health and Safety policies and procedures.

Job Requirements:


          Medical Degree (MD) from recognize medical faculty.



  • Graduate from recognized medical faculty MD
  • Have 1 year working’ experience in BPHS or other vertical project
  • Work experience in Mobile health and nutrition team will be a plus point



  • Strong interpersonal and team skills, with the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to work alongside others under stressful conditions in conflict-prone situations
  • Effective self-organizational, time management and prioritization skills.
  • Good administrative abilities, Good communication and counselling skills, proven knowledge of national languages, honest and kind personality.
  • Previous experience with NGOs.
  • Team management skill

Previous experience working in insecure areas.

Submission Guideline:

Qualified applicants are highly encouraged to apply for the position by sending the below documents mentioning the position title and vacancy number (SRP0015-22) in the subject of their email before closing date 14-June-2022

* Letter of Interest and Update CV as a single document
* SCI application form:  http://www.acbar.org/upload/1572430756959.docx

  • Save the Children International provides an equal employment opportunity and does not ask for money at any stage of recruitment.
  • We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse

Submission Email:


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