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About Human Management & Leadership Organization (HMLO):

Human Management and Leadership Organization (HMLO) is a national, non-government, and non-profit civil society organization registered in December 2020 with the Directorate of NonGovernment Organizations under the law of the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is based in Kabul, Afghanistan. The prime motto of HMLO is to build the capacity of the war-stricken people of Afghanistan by ensuring quality social services delivery to the most deprived and most marginalized people of the society. The inception and establishment of HMLO is a direct result of a few like-minded, humanistic and empathetic sentiments of a group of patriotic nationalists who in collaboration envisioned a robust society well equipped with the art of living tinctured with civilization, civility, and sufficiently tolerable respect the rights of all others. True to the essence, the organization was named as Human Management and Leadership Organization. Considering their staunch association with the multifaceted social fabric of Afghan society, the cognizant group initially commenced voluntary but scattered efforts to help out the neediest and most marginalized and later on decided to shape their effort into more consolidated, durable, and impactful ones. HMLO since its inception has been carrying out a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, emergency response & preparedness, governance, free legal aid, human rights, rehabilitation, etc. The type of activities undertaken by the HMLO range from capacity building to service delivery, with the focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes HMLO’s functioning are its efforts to: (a) Enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass-root level; (b) Mobilize women, youth, and the most marginalized for bringing peace, tolerance, and development in society. Although a relatively new entry in the development arena, HMLO – owing to the linkages of its members with national & international funding agencies – enjoys a diverse portfolio, characterized by the partnership with organizations like USAID, WHO, UN-WOMEN, Ministry of Human Rights & Rural Development, Ministry of Public health and Ministry of Women Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. HMLO is committed to contributing to the overall well-being of the poverty-stricken and multiplagued society of Afghanistan.


Midwives provide advice, care and support for women and their partners and families before, during and after childbirth. They help women make their own decisions about the care and services they access. They care for new-born children, providing health education and parenting support for the first 28 days. Midwives are personally responsible for the health of both mother and child and only refer to obstetricians if there is any complication.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work to improve positive work environment among colleagues.
  • Provide respectfully maternity care to patient.
  • Stay on-duty until the relieving shift arrives and has been fully updated.
  • Keep patient’s medical record thoroughly and accurately updated and filed neatly.
  • Admit new patients, diagnose labour and completely fill out labour admission forms.
  • Identifying high risk pregnancies and emergency cases and making resuscitation interventions and immediately refer to the linked hospitals.
  • Supervise and assisting mothers in labour, monitoring the condition of the fetus and using knowledge of labour support and pain management skills according to advance midwifery care protocol and procedure.
  • Assess continuously labour progress, which includes, taking vitals, pelvic exams foetal heart rate monitoring and charting on the partograph.
  • Identify the Major complication and refer to tertiary hospital.
  • Conduct normal vaginal deliveries, which include starting IVs, delivering the baby using sterile technique, managing third stage with routine IM oxytocin, perform episiotomy avoid routine episiotomy, suturing lacerations and charting on the Partograph and Labour and Delivery Summary.
  • Keep clear, detailed records of deliveries in the Birth Register Book.
  • Disinfect, scrub, wash, pack and sterilize instruments in the Delivery Set.
  • Provide routine new-born care which includes: bulb suctioning, drying, assigning APGAR scores, weighing, measuring length and head circumference, monitoring vital signs, administering Vitamin K i.
  • m and Tetracycline eye ointment, placing ID band and clothing the infant.
  • Provide routine postpartum care including monitoring of vital signs of the mother and baby, monitoring input and output of the mother, initiating and assisting with breastfeeding, charting on the Postpartum Chart.
  • Refer babies for the Vaccination in the Clinic before being discharged.
  • Conduct health education, including father member when possible, on breastfeeding, warning signs, new-born care and family planning during their postpartum stay.
  • Counsel and educate women, families and the community in relevant areas of health including hygiene, family planning, nutrition, warning signs, preparation for childbirth and parenting.
  • Counsel the mothers to IYCF (infant and young child feeding) key messag.
  • Give regular feedback to the midwife supervisor and report directly any issue or incident.
  • Reported to Provincial Supervisor or M&E.


  • Registered Midwife, Bachelor degree is preferred.
  • Two years experience in similar position desirable.
  • Good communication skill both in writing and oral in Dari/Pashtu essential.
  • Communication skill in English oral and written desirable.
  • Two positive references from previous employers or educators.
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