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Master trainer” (Intellectual and Physical Disabilities) 26 views

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About Enabled Children Initiatives:

About the Organization:

The Enabled Children Initiative (ECI) is an independent charity organization registered in the United Kingdom, and as a 501(c)(3) in the USA with a charity branch in Afghanistan (number 465). ECI supports children with disabilities in Afghanistan. ECI supports children in Afghanistan with disabilities through residential, educational and income generation support for families. For more information on ECI and our programs, visit www.enabledchildren.org

Job Description:

 Job Description:

  1. The trainer obtains the necessary information from the student, family and other people, to become fully acquainted with the person’s life.
  2. File for students and record a biology of the student’s characteristics, life and behavior
  3. Help the student to know himself and how to deal with his/her problem
  4. Trying to recognize and discover the potential abilities and talents of students with the help of a psychologist
  5. The trainer ‘s efforts to change the students’ misbehavior and help to replace the correct behaviors
  6. Train and awareness to staff and volunteers on how to deal better and more effectively with students and their families
  7. Help students to achieve self-sufficiency and prepare them to absorb the work environment.
  8. Maintaining contact with the student’s family or caregiver for training as well as seeking and consulting with them.
  9. Informing students about their illness to be referred to health centers
  10.  Meeting with the program manager and other educators and volunteers to review the progress of students.
  11. After completing the internship and attracting the work environment, the instructor should accompany and coordinate the person’s situation, be present at the workplace and follow up if there is a problem.
  12. Planning to provide training in groups or individually in consultation with the head of the psychology department and the program manager
  13. Classification of students based on communication, sensory, behavioral, physical differences in coordination with the head of psychology of FKS for training planning
  14.  Collaborate and exchange views with psychologists and program manager, and apply their guidelines in training matters
  15. Grading and evaluation of students using existing forms and formats
  16. Use appropriate teaching aids and a variety of practice methods in the classroom to improve students’ abilities
  17. Talk to students’ parents or caregivers about the progress of students and guide them to treat students appropriately
  18. Excellent communication skills to establish appropriate communication with students, parents and …
  19. Ability to work in a team with initiative
  20. – learn the hygiene and personal hygiene of students
  21. Development of professional skills, professional evaluation and utilization of the student’s ability to get acquainted and select the desired skill in coordination with the program manager and psychologist
  22. Assist the program manager in achieving community-based rehabilitation (CBR) goals such as:
  1. Changing the attitude of society and the way of treating people and person with disabilities
  2. Independence of the children.
  1.  Follow-up with the head of the physiotherapy department in the field of physical rehabilitation of the student for:
  1. Increase the remaining muscle strength
  2. Increase hand strength
  3. Training to work with mechanical and auxiliary tools
  4. Improving the motor skills of the disabled with the aim of increasing their physical and motor abilities

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:

The candidate should have the following:

· University degree in psychology, special education or any other related sector.

·At least 2 years of experience working with young children with disabilities, or in vocational and income generation projects for people with disabilities.

·Proven ability to work with young people with multiple abilities;

·Compassion, patience, and caring attitude, and experience in training persons with disabilities;

·Fluency in Dari and Pashto, English will be preferred

·Strong organizational, managerial, and communication skills;

·Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner;

·Strong reporting and evaluation skills.

Submission Guideline:

To apply:

• To apply, please send the following documents to info@enabledchildren.org by (insert deadline), or       WhatsApp: +93 702022243:

• Have “ECI Social Integration Program Master trainer” (Intellectual and Physical Disabilities)

• A cover letter with your name and contact information, expressing your interest in the position

• CV/resume

• Any links or supplemental documents showing certifications or qualifications

• Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Submission Email:


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Enabled Children Initiatives

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