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Access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene is the basic human rights. Unfortunately, Afghans still have a long way to go and get access to this right. Over 25%  people do not have access to at least basic water (IE&LF 2020). Under 5 child mortality stands at 50/1,000 live birth (NHS 2017). Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD) and Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC) along with its sector partners has put all its efforts to attain the SDGs for WASH by provision of WASH services, coordination, policy development and implementation of the WASH projects. UNICEF as one of the main technical and financial partners for the WASH sector has remained the core partner to MRRD, AUWSSC, MoPH, MoE and other sector stakeholders. UNICEF has been backing up the  Water Supply and Sanitation programme of the sector to continue service delivery under any circumstances in Afghanistan.

UNICEF set up an ambitious target of 11.5 million people to be reached with safe drinking water and for that the organization intends to scale up provision of safe drinking water to rural and urban communities through different implementation modalities such as working with CSOs, private sectors, contractor and vendors including Community Development Councils (CDCs).

Also, donors require quick implementation and want quick results which can’t be archived unless assessment, documentation and design phases are done in advance or simultaneously.

One of the milestones for scaling up the programme is to have designed/shelved projects which can be put into implementation after securing fund immediately. These designed/shelved projects can be implemented through private companies, contractors, and CDCs. Having said that,  UNICEF WASH Section wants to boost up technical capacity for assessment, design, and preparation of other technical documents of water supply projects to have prepared and ready-made designs for implementation through private companies, contractors, and CDCs. Setting up a design team will also help to have good understanding of the existing situations and priority areas for putting proposals to the donors.

A Design and Engineering Team (DET) will be established which will have survey, design, and hydrogeology engineers with expert level expertise. The team will develop water supply systems’ designs for urban and rural communities based on identified priorities in line with Afghanistan WASH sector rules and regulations.

The team will cover a range of urban and rural water supply projects assessment, design and will provide guidance and advisory support during the implementation phase. Also, the team will provide on the job and classroom-based trainings to other technical staff members of sector government and non-government partners.

Survey Engineers are responsible to conduct preliminary and technical survey of water supply projects in rural and urban areas which will be designed by the team. List of potential sites will be clarified and approved by relevant authorities. Survey Engineers are to travel to the field, collect data, prepare site plans and bring detailed survey and assessment reports to enable design team to prepare technical documents.

The Survey Engineer will be also supporting the team to plan and implement water supply project through UNICEF implementing partners. He/she will be reporting to UNICEF.

Job Description:

All design work under this ToR is related to rehabilitation and/or extension of water production and distribution facilities and low cost-small scale sanitation systems. The work does not include design of conventional treatment water or sanitation facilities.

  • Conducts preliminary and technical surveys of groundwater sources for water supply systems.
  • Prepare and supervise the production of water from test and production wells.
  • Support and conduct well logging. Conduct comprehensive pump and compressor tests.
  • Conduct studies of the structure, nature and formation of the earth’s strata and the available water in it.
  • Determine water sources present by sampling, examining and analyzing geological formations. Be able to understand and interpret maps, geographical data, historical evidence and models to map out groundwater
  • Conduct geophysical investigations and study throughout the country based on needs and asks for design work by the design team.
  • Perform groundwater survey through different techniques such as geophysical study, observations, pump tests and others.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports on water source availability in the areas of high-water needs based technical expertise, knowledge, experience and study.
  • Groundwater monitoring to measure quality and quantity if required.
  • Develop hydrogeological maps to determine water source potentials.
  • Lead the hydrogeological component of the Design and Engineering Team.
  • Frequent field visits for assessment water source, quality assurance of ongoing activities and support to the implementing partners.
  • Develop borewells design including selection of filter, casing, and source development.
  • Selection of appropriate drilling technology and pumping for water sources.
  • Prepare designs, BoQs and technical specifications for water wells.
  • Advise, when possible, aquifer recharge projects, especially in areas where the borehole yield is low
  • Capacity building of WASH sector’s hydrogeologists/geophysicists in relevant field including classroom-based and on the job trainings. Facilitate Trainings and orientations to UNICEF implementing partners and other engineers.
  • Support survey and design teams during different stages of the projects.
  • Respond to queries if any during assessment and implementation.
  • Support and provide guidance to the contractors during projects’ implementation. Working closely with engineers of implementing partners.
  • Support UNICEF WASH in Emergency response.
  • Keep a close liaison with UNICEF WASH team at country and zonal offices’ levels.
  • And any other tasks assigned by UNICEF.


  • Groundwater preliminary and technical survey conducted.
  • Production of water from wells supervised and reports prepared.
  • Wells’ logging reports prepared.
  • Pump and compressor tests conducted, and reports prepared.
  • Geological formations analysed for water source determination.
  • Geophysical studies and investigations conducted, and reports prepared.
  • Groundwater surveys conducted.
  • Comprehensive reports prepared on water sources.
  • Hydrogeological maps developed.
  • Conducted field visits to the project’s sties.
  • Borewell designs prepared
  • BoQs and technical specifications prepared.
  • People trained on key hydrogeological topics.
  • Implementing partners supported.
  • UNICEF WASH programme supported and facilitated.

Job Requirements:

  • A bachelor or higher-level degree in geology, hydrogeology, environmental science, geophysics, and another relevant field.
  • A minimum of 7 years’ experiences in hydrogeology and geophysical studies in well-known organizations.
  • Ability to visualise geology and conceptualise groundwater flow.
  • Expert level skills and ability in using geophysical and syscal pro IRIS instruments.
  • Skills in below software:
    • AutoCAD – expert level
    • GIS – at least basic
    • At least knowledge of one hydrogeological software such as QGIS or any other.
    • Microsoft office
  • Good English speaking and writing skills.
  • Experience in leading, managing and guiding of technical and engineering teams.
  • Experience of on-the-job trainings and mentoring in hydrogeology and geophysics.
  • Basic knowledge of water supply systems survey, design, and implementation.
  • The capacity to evaluate complex water data (groundwater and surface water).
  • Basic project and team management skills.

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