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About Kamal Orthopedic Hospital:

Every day, the doctors and staff at the Kamal Orthopedic Hospital work together

Toward a single goal: to deliver a total patient experience that’s far beyond what you’ll find anywhere else. As a patient-focused organization, we have unique freedom to go where others don’t in the name of taking care of you. It’s how we continue to build on our reputation of being relentlessly focused on all the patients we serve.

Located in a secure place and owned by a dedicated individual for the human-service, KOH is the first specialty hospital providing bone, joint, spine and muscle care through foreigner surgeons and consultants in the most technologically advanced facility available for orthopedic care in Kabul, Afghanistan round the clock dealing with any kind of orthopedic trauma. KOH focuses on musculoskeletal care and complex surgical procedures including total joints (hip and knee) and spinal surgeries.

Developed in a patient friendly building, KOH was built when there was an increasing need to provide specialized orthopedic care in a patient-focused environment. Planned and designed by orthopedic physicians and healthcare experts, KOH is light, airy and modern, offering patients, as well as their family members, a comfortable and home-like environment. KOH has now become the 1st choice of patients and their relatives in terms of specialized orthopedic care for it is completely a patient-friendly and caring centre with an uncommon focus on the patients and  with unusual nursing care.

KOH provides services to enable patients to return to a more active lifestyle, quicker and in most cases, with less pain. Because of advancements in medical technology, many of the operations performed at KOH can be completed on a daycare basis, consisting of patient stays lasting less than 24 hours. For patients who are undergoing more invasive procedures, KOH provides inpatient care with round-the-clock patient-focused services and staff.

It has also developed contacts with the best orthopedic hospitals around the world including Royal Orthopedic Hospital, England to keep abreast with rapid advances taking place on the globe for the provision of care with the updated and the most advanced techniques.

Without a doubt, Kabul has a number of General and Orthopedic hospitals. So what sets KOH apart? Take a moment and discover how everything that goes into KOH— from the staff to the physicians to the facility—has been put into place to deliver unrivaled care for you

Today, KOH is nationally recognized for the exceptional quality of care provided to patients. Perhaps just as important, the hospital, its physicians and its staff continue to garner rave reviews from those who have experienced KOH’s uncommon focus on every aspect of patient care.

Job Description:

Inspecting and updating patients’ charts.
Diagnosing common ailments such as colds, flu, and diabetes.
Administering medication topically, orally, and via intravenous or intramuscular injections.
Prescribing apt medications and lifestyle alterations.
Collecting fluid and tissue samples and sending these to laboratories for further testing.
Referring patients to specialists for further testing and treatment, if needed.
Creating and issuing invoices to private clients.
Submitting claims on behalf of patients who have health insurance.
Anticipating and responding to patients’ wellness-related questions and concerns.

Job Requirements:

 General Interior Specialist
Successful completion of a 3-year residency training program.
Registration with an appropriate health professions board.
Proven experience as a General Practitioner.
Adherence to health and ethical codes, including when under duress.
Attendance at medical conferences.
Personable, supportive disposition.
Strong ability to triage and multitask.
Excellent administrative skills.

Submission Guideline:

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