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About Handicap International:

HI has been supporting the Afghan people since 1987, starting its operations in Pakistan. Since 1996, HI has been operating across Afghanistan in order to launch victim assistance interventions, working at different levels of the society and adopting a cross-sectoral approach. While present on the ground to directly support victims of the conflict through the provision of a range of services – from physical rehabilitation, to mine risk education and inclusive livelihoods – HI has been continuously advocating to increase the rights of victims and other people with disabilities in the country. In particular, and in line with its global strategy and priorities, HI has been advocating to reduce the use of landmines and conventional weapons. Acknowledging the need to respond to the urgent emergency crises combined with longer term, chronic gaps in the provision of services, HI has steadily expanded its range of activities and services in order to support the most vulnerable people, enhancing their resilience while strengthening participation and inclusion of all individuals.

Job Description:

  1. Responsible to drive safely:
  • Drive carefully, in accordance with national traffic rules. The speed limit in town is 40 km/hour. The speed limit out of town is 80 km/hour
  • Adapt vehicle speed to road conditions, vehicle load and technical conditions, and drive taking into consideration safety of passengers, pedestrians and other slower vehicles
  • Only overtake when you are absolutely sure it is safe
  • When overtaking, use the indicators
  • Keep your eyes looking forward, checking the mirrors regularly
  • Slow down if a passenger requires you to. Do not go faster if a passenger requires you to and that you feel it is not safe to do so
  • Always carry with you your original driving license
  • Always stay polite when controlled by local authorities at checkpoints
  • When arriving at checkpoints speed must be reduced, and if at night, inside front light must be switched on
  • Always wear seatbelt when driving and ensure the front passenger does
  • Always stay in your car when waiting for a passenger; if the weather is hot, you can go out from the car to find some shadow, but you must be able to watch out for the car and response to the radio
  • Use the last updated radio codes (locations and people) when speaking on the radio
  • If you are in an accident DO NOT drive away.  Stay with the vehicle and wait for the police. Inform the office (DEPENDS OF THE SITUATION)
  1. Responsible for maintenance of vehicle:
  • At the beginning of each shift the driver should:
  • ensure fluid levels (oil, water, brake fluids) in smooth area
  • make a visual check
  • make a radio check to make sure radio is in good condition and that the settings have not been changed
  • Check the presence and the condition of car equipment (tools, first aid kit, maps and car instructions)
  • Clean the vehicle inside and outside
  • Every Thursdays, a complete check must be done on base of the weekly check-up
  • The driver should always manage to refill the fuel before the tank is half empty: at the end of each shift, the fuel level should always be over half
  • The driver must NOT attempt to carry out any technical work or repairs without the prior approval of the Logistics
  • Ensure cleaning / changing of filters (oil, fuel, element fuel and air) and oil.
  1. Responsible for communication equipments in the car:
  • Do radio checks  at the beginning of your shift and before each departure
  • Do regular radio checks during trip, on a basis determined by the last update of security rules
  1. Responsible to fill log book in daily bases:
  • The car log book should be filled in details for each trip (the destination should be clearly mentioned; the mention “bazaar” will not be accepted). The name of the driver should also be written) by the driver and signed by the passenger. If no passenger is in the car, the person who requested the car, or if impossible, the field logistics officer should sign. Please write in a readable way
  • Record each fuel fill-up in the log Book
  • Record each reparation and service

Job Requirements:

Knowledge required


  1. Able to read and write Dari Language
  2. General principles of vehicle mechanics
  3. Functioning of telecommunications equipment
  4. Sound driving and driving license
  5. Afghan traffic regulations

Submission Guideline:

Submission Guideline:

Submission Guideline:

Please send your CV and Cover letter to:  recruitment@afghanistan.hi.org

Note: Applications without mentioning the Position Title & Vacancy Number in the subject line of the email will NOT be considered.

Disabled & Females are particularly encouraged to apply

– HI has got strong stand on protection of beneficiaries.

“The Driver will have to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of the code of conduct”

Submission Email:


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