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Community Development Facilitator سهولت آور انکشاف اجتماعی 22 views

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About Concern Worldwide- Afghanistan:

Identity: Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. Currently, Concern has been working in Afghanistan since 1998, when it responded to an earthquake disaster in Takhar province.  Currently Concern has been working in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces undertaking both emergency response and long term developmental work in the areas of livelihood security, primary education and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Job Description:

Main duty and Responsivity

  • Assist community CDC/CDMC committee members to identify needs and generate solutions; identify and prioritize issues and to analyze problems using PRA tools.

کمک به اعضای کمیته CDC/CDMC جامعه برای شناسایی نیازها و ایجاد راه حل. شناسایی و اولویت بندی مسائل و تجزیه و تحلیل مشکلات   PRA  با استفاده از ابزار

  • Encourage and inspire community CDC/CDMC committee members to organize for action aimed at solving their problems and to plan, implement and monitor action that they define themselves.

اعضای کمیته CDC/CDMC جامعه را تشویق و ترغیب کنید تا برای اقدامات که هدف ان حل مشکلات جامعه می باشد و خودشان تعریف می کنند، برنامه ریزی، اجرا و نظارت کنند.

  • Organize regular meetings (monthly, bi-monthly, etc) with the community for planning and implementation of project activities.

تشکیل جلسات منظم (ماهانه، دو ماهانه، و غیره) با جامعه برای برنامه ریزی و اجرای فعالیت های پروژه.

  • Coordinate with the provincial engineer and M&E Officer for the arrangement of capacity building and or project activities.
  • Encourage and stimulate full participation by all community/CDC/CDMC committee members; giving special attention to those who are usually forgotten, marginalized and overlooked in community/CDMC/committee decision making.

تشویق و تحریک مشارکت کامل همه اعضای کمیته جامعه/CDC/CDMC. توجه ویژه به کسانی که معمولاً در تصمیم گیری های جامعه/CDMC/ کمیته فراموش شده، به حاشیه رانده شده و نادیده گرفته می شوند.

  • Using participatory approaches and in collaboration with community members identify vulnerable and extremely poor people within the community according to Concern criteria.
  • Conduct COVID-19 awareness raising sessions to community

جلسات افزایش آگاهی نسبت به کووید-19 در جامعه برگزار کنید

  • Facilitate MPCA and CfW distribution to the identified targeted community members.

تسهیل توزیع MPCA و CfW برای اعضای جامعه هدف شناسایی شده.

  • Support MEAL team in conducting FGD for selecting distribution sites.

از تیم MEAL در اجرای FGD برای انتخاب سایت های توزیع حمایت کنید.

  • Monitor CfW activities, and facilitate preparing and updating attendance sheet and ensure they are correctly maintained and updated.

نظارت بر فعالیت های CfW، و تسهیل در تهیه و به روز رسانی برگه حضور و غیاب و اطمینان از نگهداری و به روز رسانی صحیح آنها.

  • Ensure relevant project information’s are communicated to the right holders in a timely and appropriate manner.

اطمینان حاصل کنید که اطلاعات پروژه مربوطه به موقع و مناسب به افراد واجد شرایط اطلاع داده می شود.


  • Raise awareness of the community that they themselves can help each other bring the community out of vulnerability/Risk, and to show them ways they can do this for themselves
  • Assist the community in obtaining information and knowledge about the project intervention outreach programmes.
  • آگاهی جامعه را افزایش دهید که خودشان می توانند به یکدیگر کمک کنند تا جامعه را از آسیب پذیری/خطر خارج کنند، و به آنها راه هایی را نشان دهند که می توانند این کار را برای خودشان انجام دهند.

. کمک به جامعه در به دست آوردن اطلاعات و دانش در مورد برنامه های مداخله در پروژه


  • Assist in the identification of vulnerable community members for the CfW and MPCA activities.
  • Assist in the identification of MPCA full basket and complimentary activities.
  • Develop trust, tolerance and co-operation among community and community leaders
  •  کمک به شناسایی اعضای جامعه آسیب پذیر برای فعالیت های CfW وMPCA.
  • در شناسایی سبد کامل MPCA و فعالیت های رایگان کمک کنید.
  • ایجاد اعتماد، بردباری و همکاری در میان رهبران جامعه و جامعه


  • Intervenes in disputes between community members and help them find compromises, reconcile differences, or reach mutually satisfying agreements by taking a neutral stance between the involved parties. Whenever appropriate seek the support of the CDC and community leaders in resolving disputes.

 در اختلافات بین اعضای جامعه کمک می کند و با اتخاذ موضعی بی طرف بین طرف های درگیر، به آنها کمک می کند تا مصالحه کنند، اختلافات را آشتی دهند، یا به توافقات رضایت بخش دست یابند. هر زمان که مناسب باشد، از CDC و رهبران جامعه برای حل و فصل اختلافات حمایت کنید.


  • Enables the community leaders and CDC to try out new ways and means to find solutions to their needs and problems.
  • In collaboration with the project technical staff design innovative approaches in drawing out learnings and practices participatory action research topic
  • رهبران جامعه و CDC را قادر می سازد تا راه ها و ابزارهای جدیدی را برای یافتن راه حل برای نیازها و مشکلات خود بیابند.

با همکاری کارکنان فنی پروژه، رویکردهای نوآورانه در ترسیم یادگیری ها و شیوه های موضوع تحقیق مشارکتی را طراحی می کند.


  • Provide community awareness on COVID 19 prevention measures
  • Provide community information on Community Complaint and Feedback Mechanisms

• آگاهی جامعه را در مورد اقدامات پیشگیری از کووید 19 فراهم کنید

• ارائه اطلاعات جامعه در مورد مکانیسم های شکایات وبازخورد ها

Compliance to Concern Code of Conduct (CCoC):

  • Concern is committed in the prevention of harassment, exploitation, abuse and/or inappropriate behavior in the workplace. It is the responsibility of all Concern staff to adhere to Concern Code of Conductand its associated policies.
  • Ensure that staff and all people engaged by Concern including partner organizations engaged in Concern Programmes, regardless of location, where national or international, full or part time, consultants, interns, contractors or volunteers adhere to the Code at all times. Any breach of this code by Concern staff may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. In terms of staff from partner organisations, any breach of this Code may result in the suspension or termination of the partnership agreement
  • Ensure to bring to the attention of the relevant manager or the Human Resources manager within Concern any potential incident, abuse or concern that I witness, I am made aware of, or suspect, which appears to break the standards contained in this Code.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Collate and maintain all village specific data and information and share this with the project M&E officer
  • Ensure regular monitoring of all project activities in the given villages and as per agreed plans and systems (indicators, formants, intervals etc.)
  • Organize participatory monitoring visits with governmental line agencies together with community level stakeholders
  • Ensure regular information collection on each agreed indicators and reported through reports as per organizational and donor needs.
  • Develop and submit monthly work plans and submit report to line Manager.


  • Under any task assigned by line manager that is relevant with Concern mandate and values as well as programme goals and objectives.

Working Conditions:

  • Will be based in the district and will be working in remote villages that may involve some physical hardship and little comfort
  • Will be responsible to cover 10 villages depending upon proximity and target population
  • Will be staying in villages and work with the community
  • Command of Dari or any local languages will be an asset including English
  • Training in community organizing/mobilization is an advantage
  • Knowledge of basic IT tools particularly MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

CHS & Emergency:

Concern is committed to the Common Humanitarian Standards (CHS) to ensure accountability to all stakeholders. Concern activities are guided by CHS in all stages both emergency and development projects /programs. In Afghanistan, we have an Accountability framework and therefore any Afghanistan employees are responsible to comply with CHS principles and benchmarks. To give your full support in relation to emergencies when occurring in any area that Concern Afghanistan will give your full support in relation to emergencies when occurring in any area that Concern Afghanistan will respond.

Job Requirements:

Qualification & Experience:

  • At least High School graduated (12th class) + Experience or University Degree (Literature, Social Science, Law or relevant qualification)
  • Experience working with the communities in remote villages of Takhar and Kunduz provinces for at least 3 years
  • Demonstrated ability in community organizing and mobilization work enabling the community CDC/CDMC/committee to implement projects
  • Experience in designing and delivering trainings
  • Proficiency in applying PRA tools and approaches
  • Ability to work in team and in a multi-cultural environment
  • Tactful and sensitive to local culture, norms and practices
  • Able to communicate effectively and be understood
  • Ability to work autonomously requiring less supervision
  • Proactive and takes initiative
  • High motivation and ability to adapt to changing needs of the community, project or situation
  • Excellent listening and facilitating skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of other local languages i.e. Uzabeki, Turkmani, Pashtu is an advantage
  • Excellent documentation skills and ability to organize documents in an orderly manner

Working Conditions:

  • Will be based in the district and will be working in remote villages that may involve some physical hardship and little comfort
  • Will be responsible to cover 10 villages depending upon proximity and target population
  • Will be staying in villages and work with the community
  • High motivation and ability to adapt to changing needs of the community, project or situation

Will be based in the district and will be working in remote villages that may involve some physical hardship and little comfort.توانای بودن در قریه را داشته باشد

Submission Guideline:

The Concern Code of Conduct and associated policies (namely the Programme Participant Protection Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Policy) are part of your employment contract.

The Safeguarding Policies set out what behaviours Concern expects of us and what behaviours are prohibited. Managers need to refer to these policies with their teams, and if you are not a manager, you can ask for time to discuss the policies in team meetings or at one-to-one meetings.

Any candidate offered a job with Concern Worldwide will be expected to sign the Programme Participant Protection Policy and the Concern Code of Conduct as an appendix to their contract of employment and conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions in these two documents.

Submission Email:


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