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About Turquoise Mountain:

Turquoise Mountain is an INGO which was founded in 2006 and works in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the Middle East to revive traditional skills to create jobs, skills, and a renewed sense of pride and to support communities with health and
education services.

The charity has set up the Institute for Arts and Architecture in Kabul, the first internationally accredited vocational institution of its kind in Central Asia, training hundreds of artisans. The institute sits amongst over a hundred private houses and is surrounded by a community that is served by a clinic and primary school that were established as part of the regeneration of Murad Khani in Kabul’s old city.


Turquoise Mountain recognizes the value in a holistic approach that integrates health, education, and livelihoods and which provides assistance not just to artisans but also to the wider community. Turquoise Mountain’s Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic (FFHC) has been a significant element in the restoration of Murad Khani in Kabul. FFHC is an urban clinic offering community-oriented primary health care and training in family medicine. It specializes in maternal-child health and community health outreach. Its’ mission is to develop a model of urban primary healthcare that is sustainable, affordable, accessible, continuous, comprehensive, and integrated with other health services in Kabul.

We seek to establish the FFHC as a model family clinic and an example of best practice.  To do this, we are looking for a highly qualified, experienced, committed, and visionary individual who is able to deliver on the requirements of this position and meet the minimum assessment criteria.

Job Description:

Core Responsibilities:

  • Actively promote the provision of high quality primary care.
  • Create a culture which supports education and training, audit, research, and development and to manage regulatory and performance issues, including investigations in serious incidents and monitoring remedial action.
  • All aspects of clinical governance.
  • Take a leading role in employment, management support, clinical audit, and internal appraisal of doctors, including taking proactive approach to risk management.
  • Create a culture which supports education and training, audit, research, and development and to manage regulatory and
  1. Patient Care (70%)

You will be the leader and an active member of the clinical team of doctors and nurses, and we would expect about 70% of your time to be spent working directly with patients performing clinical examinations. Clinical tasks will include (and not limited to):

  • Performing clinical examinations of patients to assess, diagnose and monitor a patient’s condition – these are wide-ranging and may involve the use of specialist equipment. All consultations must be conducted in a dignified and respectful manner.
  • Carrying out tests within the surgery such as urine sample testing to assist with diagnosis
  • Interpreting findings from investigations and tests to help reach a diagnosis and generate individual treatment and care plans
  • Working with admin team to ensure patient records are complete and up to date
  • Using basic life support skills and emergency procedures where necessary
  • Perform common minor surgical procedures (for example abscess drainage, laceration repair, suturing, etc.)
  • Maintain sterile working practices and ensure cleanliness and proposer sanitation standards are maintained at all times
  1. Clinic Leadership and management (30%)

In addition to your patient care responsibilities, you will also manage the clinic team and oversee the quality of medical care given to patients. Tasks will include:

  1. Participating in the drawing up of strategic and annual plans and funding applications, in collaboration with the senior leadership team.
  2. Providing technical and progress reports of services to FFHC Board of Advisors, periodic report to Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) as directed.
  3. Overseeing the provision of quality care within the health clinic, ensuring consultations and treatments are in line with clinical protocols, guidelines, and best practices.
  4. Maintaining open and professional relations with team members, promoting a strong team spirit and providing oversight and guidance to enable staff to successfully perform in their positions.
  5. Establishing standards of care for common adult and pediatric illnesses, antenatal and postnatal care, and supervise implementation of these standards.
  6. Overseeing clinical and administrative operations and ensuring patient confidentiality is respected, and that all consultations are conducted in a dignified and respectful manner.
  7. Regularly following up patient files, to ensure correspondence of patients’ history, investigations, diagnosis and prescribed medicines by doctors.
  8. Integrating care by developing relationships with other health care facilities to establish an effective patient referral system for diagnostic studies, consultation, and treatment.
  9. Leading the development of the Community Health Program of FFHC and develop and supervise a comprehensive strategy for the community outreach program.
  10. Taking initiatives to improve the overall efficiency of the clinic, effectiveness of services and accountability of the clinic to the community and TM management / TM board.
  11. Developing clinical trainings and research programs and supervise Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions.

You will oversee the following key operational areas of the clinic:

  1. Reception – develop and maintain a medical records system; train and support staff in patient advocacy; develop a monitoring and evaluation reporting structure for clinical activity – ie Numbers of patients seen, type of patient seen, diagnosis, etc.
  2. Environmental Care – develop schedule of cleaning and inspection; train staff in environmental care issues; develop and implement security and safety protocols and procedures.
  3. Laboratory – maintenance of equipment; maintenance of necessary supplies; quality control issues.
  4. Pharmacy – overseeing inventory and dispensing records, in collaboration with pharmacy staff.
  5. Nursing – maintenance of medical equipment and adequacy of medical supplies.
  6. Vaccination – maintenance of appropriate records for submission to MoPH; quality assurance and follow-up policy and procedures; develop program for community vaccination outreach if needed in future, interact with EPI regarding their policies.
  7. Community Health Workers – assist in scheduling and oversight of CHW’s activities.
  8. Administration – supervise administrative assistant, develop reports, acquire supplies from bazaar, deal with problematic patients, assist visitors at the clinic, and maintain operational workspace.
  9. MoPH – assist in drawing up and agreeing MoUs with MoPH (as required) and providing periodic reports as required.
  10. Tuberculosis Program—maintenance of laboratory and medication supplies from National TB program; provide reports to NTB program.

Job Requirements:


  • Medical Degree from a recognised medical university with a specialisation in Family Medicine and licensed to practice in Afghanistan by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Other specialist trainings in health services especially medical research methodologies highly preferred.


  • Minimum of 5 years of hands-on post specialization experience in practicing family medicine and management of family clinics / hospitals.
  • Developing and maintaining professional relationship with stakeholders including but not limited to government, non-government and donor organisations, and local communities.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Submission Guideline:

Candidates should submit ONLY their C.V along with a Cover letter in one PDF to: by no later than Jan 22, 2022. In the subject line of the e-mail, only mention 0122-01.

Submission Email:

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