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About People In Need:

  • People In Need (PIN) Afghanistan

PIN is a Czech, non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded on the ideals of humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity. Human dignity and freedom are fundamental values and we believe that people anywhere in the world should have the right to make decisions about their own lives and share the rights expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

People in Need’s Afghanistan country programme started in November 2001, providing emergency food distribution in mountainous areas of the central highlands. 20 years later, the programme has visibly grown and diversified, but continues to promote PIN’s core values: envisioning a world where people are free to make decisions about their lives; a world where people are not restricted by an un-free society, poverty, lack of education or discrimination. Today, we work along the humanitarian and development spectrum, providing immediate aid supporting the most vulnerable in Afghanistan to find long-term solutions to the challenges they face.


  • Background

PIN Afghanistan’s three strategic objectives for the current planning period (2021-2022) are (1) Agency driven, transformative, humanitarian assistance; (2) Making markets work for crisis affected and marginalised communities; and, (3) Harnessing decent, productive and inclusive livelihoods. Under the current evolving context, the CP is focusing efforts under strategic priority 1 and in particular supporting people to have (1) enough to eat, (2) a safe and secure living space that supports their health and well-being, (3) the basic items needed to stay safe and warm, and (4) access to education when the normal structures are no longer available to them.

PIN has secured an 11 month Educations in Emergencies project funded by the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund. The project will establish temporary learning spaces to 2400 children in crisis affected communities in Kabul providing access to recreational activities, psychosocial support and basic educational course in line with EIEWG standards.

Job Description:

Job Description:

  • Health care, safety and sanitation requirements for manual cleaning of surfaces, disinfection, primary collection, sorting and transfer of solid waste materials / goods (garbage).
  • Fire safety requirements for manual cleaning, disinfection, primary collection, sorting and transfer of solid waste materials / goods (garbage).
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and its use for manual cleaning, disinfection, primary collection, sorting and movement of solid waste materials / goods (garbage).
  • Types of surfaces and their main features.
  • Properties of the different materials of the surfaces to be cleaned;
  • Degrees (intensity) of contamination of surfaces to be cleaned;
  • Methods of removal of spontaneous stains from different surfaces without the use of special chemicals;
  • Types and purpose of tools and materials necessary for manual cleaning, disinfection, primary collection, sorting and transfer of solid waste materials / goods (garbage).
  • Technological processes of manual surface cleaning;
  • Disinfection methods;
  • Technological processes of disinfection.
  • Rules for handling chemicals for manual cleaning.
  • How to handle chemical disinfectants.
  • The effects of disinfectants on different types of surfaces and on people.
  • The processes of routine maintenance of waste receptacles and waste disposal systems.
  • The handling of chemicals for the disinfection of waste receptacles and waste disposal systems.
  • The use of PPE for the disinfection of waste receptacles and waste disposal systems.
  • Use of PPE when disinfecting waste receptacles and waste disposal systems.
  • Types and purpose of equipment and materials used for disinfecting waste collection tanks and waste disposal systems.
  • How to operate automatic washing machine.
  • How to use iron and set up it for different material types for ironing.



  • Visually identify the type of surface, type and degree of contamination.
  • Determine the optimum, rational and safe route when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Use different types of tools and equipment for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Determine if PPE is suitable for use.
  • Remove different types of contamination from any surface.
  • Use hoovers and scrubbers for cleaning;
  • Use professional washing machines to wash / cleaning textiles and clothing.
  • Treat all types of surfaces with disinfectant solutions.
  • Replace plastic waste bags efficiently and safely
  • solid waste materials / goods (garbage).
  • Treating and cleaning mirror and glass surfaces and partitions.
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs, fabric upholstery and upholstered furniture.
  • Localised stain removal from the legs of chairs, tables and armchairs.
  • Take care of decorative parts in the interior including picture frames and decorations.
  • Watering of flowers.
  • Ironing.
  • Washing dishes.

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:

  • Elementary education.
  • Demonstrated work experience in provision of cleaning services.
  • Determination and commitment to abide by the PIN values, Code of Conduct, basic humanitarian principles, rules and policies.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, an outgoing personality and a team player with demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships in a diverse multi-cultural setting.
  • Good communication skills.
  • High degree of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, ability to create enabling environment for open communication, ability to project a positive, professional, and customer-responsive image.
  • Open to criticism, handle negative feedback with maturity, take the opportunity to learn from own or organizational mishaps. Remain calm and collected in stressful situations.
  • Sets challenging outputs, self-motivated, can work under minimum supervision.
  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills.
  • High degree of accountability, ethics, integrity, and professional responsibility

Submission Guideline:

Please submit CVs and Cover Letter outlining why you are interested in the position and how your skills and experience match the skills, qualifications and competencies required for this position. Applicants who meet the qualification and requirements for the mentioned position will be selected on a rolling basis, with the last date for applications being 8th August 2022, midnight.

Please follow the below link and fill out the form completely


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