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About Organization for Development Innovation & Research:

Organizational for Development Innovations & Research (ODIR) was established in 2020 and formally registered with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy in 2022. ODIR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded with the aim to meaningfully and substantially contribute to Human Development in Afghanistan, with particular focus on marginalized groups, through rigorous research, advocacy and innovative developmental solutions in partnership with the local communities and other national and international actors.

Also, considering the deepening humanitarian crises in the country and its subsequent socio-economic ramifications, we aim at contributing to addressing these crises through the delivery emergency relief services in such a way that also contributes to fostering national solidarity and social cohesion.

We strongly believe in an active role for the civil society in the area of policy making in Afghanistan’s context. Therefore, a common feature of ODIR’s interventions is its focus on generating evidence, knowledge and ideas, which can contribute to policy making and expending policy choices for addressing the critical humanitarian, developmental and peacebuilding challenges facing Afghanistan.

As a responsible Afghan-led NGO, we aim to serve as a catalyst for critical national agendas and assist in bringing citizens’ voices to debates and discussions for ensuring the strategic direction of the humanitarian and development interventions carried out in the country. For this purpose, we work collaboratively with the government authorities, the Afghan civil society, Academia, the Afghan private sector as well as the international donor community for fostering a culture of mutual cooperation and accountability in the country.

Job Description:

We are currently looking for qualified and dynamic professionals for a number of positions for ongoing and anticipated initiatives. Interested candidates are requested to submit their Resumes and expression of interest on the email indicated below, clearly demonstrating their suitability for and interest in the particular position. The positions are as follows:

  • Human Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-01-23)
  • Rural Livelihood Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-02-23)
  • Small & Medium-sized Enterprise Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-03-23)
  • Social Cohesion & Peacebuilding Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-04-23)
  • Mental Health & Psychological Support (MHPSS) Specialist (ODIR-CR-05-23)
  • Humanitarian Affairs Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-06-23)
  • Emergency Response Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-07-23)
  • Environmental Protection Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-08-23)
  • Community Mobilization Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-09-23)
  • Gender & Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-10-23)
  • Communication for Development Specialist (C4D) (Ref: ODIR-CR-11-23)
  • Policy Research Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-12-23)
  • Social Research Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-13-23)
  • Behavior Change Communication Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-14-23)
  • Curriculum Design & Training Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-15-23)
  • CSOs Capacity Building Specialist (Ref: AfWDO-CR-16-23)
  • Program Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-17-23)
  • Project Management Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-18-23)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-19-23)
  • Knowledge Management Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-20-23)
  • Communication Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-21-23)
  • Financial Management Specialist (Ref:  ODIR-CR-22-23)
  • Leadership Development Specialist (Ref:  ODIR-CR-23-23)
  • Organizational Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-24-23)
  • Procurement Management Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-25-23)
  • Proposals Development Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-26-23)
  • Planning & Reporting Specialist (Ref: ODIR-CR-25-19)
  • Software Developer (Ref: ODIR-CR-27-23)
  • E-Commerce Specialist (ODIR-CR-28-23)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (ODIR-CR-29-23)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Specialist (ODIR-CR-30-23)
  • Agriculture Development Specialist (ODIR-CR-31-23)


Job Requirements:

University Degree, with 5 to 7 years of demonstrated experience in the related field.

The candidate must also possess:

  • Specialized Knowledge of the field
  • Professional Integrity
  • a high level of motivation and initiative
  • the ability to think analytically
  • good organizational skills
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • strong communication skills in English, Pashto and Dari, both written and verbal

Submission Guideline:

Interested Candidates, who meet the above mentioned requirements are requested to submit their updated resume along with cover letter no later than 31st March 2023. Please mention position title and vacancy number in subject line.

Submission Email:


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