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About DAI/AVC-Livestock:

DAI, a private company, seeks candidates for ongoing multi-year humanitarian assistance initiatives in Afghanistan. Our programs create jobs, enhance value chains, and support businesses to improve the livelihoods of Afghan citizens in a variety of traditional industries and services including carpet production, light manufacturing, food processing, agriculture/agribusiness development, livestock development, and training. We support private businesses, farming communities, and individuals who need to learn job skills and trade production improvement techniques.
DAI seeks to fill the following position(s) to assist our program:

Job Description:

Objectives (Scope)

The objective of the STTA intervention is to develop the capacity of the WOBs partner anchor firms with a focus on remote team management and creating decentralized management systems to develop the managerial capacity of the anchor firms’ senior management staff.

Tasks (Performance Requirements): The jobs require the implementation and development of comprehensive training materials in the local language (Dari and/or Pashto) in the form of chapters and power points (ppt). This includes the implementation, demonstration and instructing, and knowledge sharing on the below-listed topics:

  • Working from a distance as a remote manager.
  • Remote working as a manager who CARES.
  • Virtual meeting for the remote manager.
  • Mental Health and Work Live Balance for the remote manager.
  • Leading a team as a remote manager.
  • Managing individuals remotely.
  • Remote workforce solutions.
  • Learn about and practice a set of robust tools, models, and techniques to achieve effective performance from your remote team.
  • Identify ways coaching, autonomy, and trust can increase productivity, well-being, and a more adaptable workforce.
  • How to establish a decentralized management structure?
  • Lead and manage a decentralized organizational structure.
  • How are businesses organized to achieve desired goals within a decentralized management structure?
  • Learn how leaders can use this structure to manage remote teams better.

Job Requirements:

•    Bachelor’s or preferably master’s degree in management sciences, or any relevant field.
•    A minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the field of management training.
•    The applicant must be familiar with the agro-climatic conditions of the duty stations.
•    Skills required: Coaching and development, Leadership, practical disposition, personal accountability, teamwork, resource management, physical fitness, communication, and training of low literacy level people.
•    Proficiency in both local national languages Dari and Pashto (reading, writing, and speaking) is mandatory and Proficiency in English is preferred with national languages.

Submission Guideline:

It is illegal to offer DAI staff commissions, kickbacks, or gifts of any kind. If a DAI employee asks for commissions, kickbacks, gifts or engages in conflicts of interest or fraud of any kind, they will face disciplinary action and their actions will be reported.
DAI’s policy against bribery, conflicts of interest and fraud exists throughout the life of the recruitment and beyond. Even if the recruitment is closed, if any party is found guilty of fraud, conflicts of interest or bribery, DAI will investigate and pursue disciplinary measures, including pursuing the matter in a court of law.
DAI operates a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.  DAI maintains policies and standards to prevent human trafficking and /or forced labor on its projects worldwide. DAI fully supports the prevention and prohibition of human trafficking and forced labor; and complies with government laws and regulations to prevent human trafficking and forced labor.
The willingness of employees and others to report any concerns is essential to the enforcement of our policies. DAI requires all staff to report all incidents, suspected incidents or reports of incidents to the appropriate channels.   All reports, allegations or suspected activity that breaches the above will be immediately investigated.
To report cases of suspected violation please contact ethics@dai.com. Do not use these emails to ask questions about the positions. These emails are only for reporting fraud, bribery, kickbacks, abuse, and conflicts of interest.

Submission Email:


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