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Concrete Cracks: How to prevent or repair

There are two adages about concrete: it will harden, and it will crack. Despite the best efforts of the contractor or homeowner who pours concrete, cracks do develop. Crack-free concrete is rare, and in the day-to-day world there will be cracks in driveways, concrete floors and building foundations. While cracks can appear soon after the concrete is poured, they may

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Will the 50-fold frequency of “5G Internet” cause the multiplication of “cancer and infertility” ?!

5G high speed internet is being used in our country; The frequency generated in 5G is between 30 GHz and 300 GHz, this scale was about 6 GHz for 4G! These waves can increase the risk of cancer, neurological disorders, genetic damage and infertility!According to the social reporter of Tasnim news agency; For several years, the world of technology has

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