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Google’s secret project on the 6 GHz band in 17 US states

Google’s secret project on the 6 GHz band in 17 US states

The media reported the FCC files related to Google’s secret project and the company’s activity on the 6 GHz band in 17 different states.

The US Federal Communications Committee (FCC) has issued a license to Google that allows the company to begin a test run on the 6 GHz frequency band, according to the Techna Technology and Technology News Service. Detailed information about this project is not available at this time. But Google is trying to test this GHz band to test the use of this frequency in creating stable broadband connections.

The FCC licenses Google to 17 states, and Google tests are said to take 24 months. Given the possibility of secrecy of this experiment, the establishment of stable broadband connections may be related to a feature in the home Internet service or it may be related to the Google Fiber project to provide the Internet.

Of course, this frequency band can also be used in other areas of the network, such as 6E Wi-Fi routers or automotive communications or fifth-generation Internet cellular networks. The license granted to Google makes it possible to use all of these situations without any restrictions. In fact, this new frequency band will establish a faster and more stable connection than the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. But on the other hand, its coverage will decrease. Because the amount of radio frequency is inversely related to the coverage.

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